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    I hate to say this but this kind of thing happens quite often in this industry. The same thing happened to me twice with two different sets of programmers (one from St. Louis and the other one from India) with one of my websites at 90% completed. After about $8K and five months of never making one deadline on this project, I decided it was time to move on and go into a different direction.  Now I only work directly with web developers and programmers here in the Dallas area where I live so that I can monitor what they are doing on a daily basis and can visit them where they work if anything seems to be going the wrong way. It`s so important to find someone locally you can have daily contact with and build a long term, trusting, business realtionship so that your work/projects are done in a timley manner. I`ve contacted the 1st programmer and asked him to return a majority of my money and he continues to blow me off and and says he will pay me back when he is able. As more and more time passes, I know he has no intention of ever paying me back so I am going to start uploading videos with his picture and his contact information so that if anyone else ever hires him for work and they go to YouTube or Google to find more info about him, they will certainly see my videos telling them to stay clear! I feel this is the only choice I have left, so I can atleast WARN other website owners about this crook so it doesn`t happen to them. If you need to take legal action then I say do it! Just depends on how much money you have invested with him and if your willing to fly across the country to take him to court and get your money back. In my opinion, its not worth it but letting others know about this crook by targeting his name in the title, tags, and description of your videos you will definitely make sure that no one else gets their money taken by this theif. And once he realizes that you are distributing these videos he may have a change of heart and give you back your money or finish the project you piad him to complete. Hope this helps. Take care Charles CliftCreator &  

    I was reading your post and my gosh son! you are a mad individual! would you really go as far as making a video, just to trash him? Come on now... be real!
    I don`t know about you being a tube video pro... it sounds to me like you`re more of a "Tube Stake Pro" - Wink, Wink,  If you read Fafa`s Question... it says that he can launch if he wanted to! so what is holding him back? is his web developer supposed to hold his hand as well and tell him how to launch his emails? or how to market the site?
    My question to Fafa is? So you can launch the site correct? Ok so if you had the username and password, how would that help you? if you just stated that "He is my technical person" He is the one that is supposed to talk for me" sorda scenario... My advise would be Launch your site.... and in the midst of it all contact your developer and request that he gives you the username and password That is all.... There is no need to get your panties in a bunch...
    You know this is my second posting... hopefully not my last, but I`ve visited over 100 profiles, and my GOSH it seems like alot of fellas here like to hold their buttocks tight in hopes that, it will produce a smile on their face.... Be real! I think Charles Clit just made my day... Funny fella he is.... He is going to go out of his way to produce a video? where he is going to rip somone else? I think that is called defamation of character? doesn`t that fall under "Cyber Bully"? Didn`t this lady just go to Jail for that?
    Charles, I would re-think things over, and try taking some anger management classes. I think the only one with good advise was "Patentandtrademark"
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    I would suggest searching for law sites related to this topic ..... perhaps you can get some free advice from an attorney on your options ..... maybe not, but worth a shot.

    As much information that is out there... It is hard to find lawyers that specialize on Internet Laws... and the ones that I know charge $350.00 an hour and if it`s a matter of getting a Username and Password, the web developer might feel betrayed, and just to be spiteful, he might just sit on it.... From the time Fafa signs the hire agreement, to the time the developer decides to say... Ok, today I will be nice and give him the username and password, it might be 10 to 15 days... The lawyer will probably set Fafa`s file to the side, meanwhile, the hours are ticking...  so regardless, the lawyer is going to charge for his time.. or for as long as it took him to get the username and password... so here is a quick example.... 8 hours x $350.00 = 2,800.00 OUCH! times this by 10 days... Fafa... Just be nice, talk to your developer and take it from there, Honestly.
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    Lie if you need to.
     Wow.  Why stop there?  How about stab them with a knife if you need to.  Actually advising somebody to lie is absolutely idiotic.

    You`re the only one with common sense, How can Video advise someone to Lie? or Tubestake Pro, making a video to trash the other person? Hats off to you patent, you`re the only one that make sense... BBB is a Joke... even if you never have had a bad review, unless you pay BBB $250.00 a year you will always be a B - minus.
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    Tammi - I wasn`t saying to lie to the registrar.  Of course the OP
    should be completely up-front and honest with the registrar.  I meant
    lie to the web designer, if necessary.  Tell them anything to get the
    admin name changed on good terms.
    OP - (your name? since you neither signed your post nor provided any
    profile data) - What registrar did you use and what is the domain name
    in question?  We`re trying to help you here, but we will need more information
    Lawyer advice?  It would likely be a lot cheaper to pay the designer a
    "transfer fee" or whatever he wants to call it (termination of services
    bonus?) to get complete control of your domain.

    You`re trying to help someone by telling them to lie? Some Joke you are Video.... I think its time you go clean the fog off your glasses... I think the fog is not letting you see the whole picture... or perhaps you`re reading things backwards... You are telling the man you want to help him? and you make a comment to lie? well gee! Fafa, why not give your developer the ol` cement shoes and throw him in the Hudson river? Foooget about it!
    fafaflo? Cool username, are you into Howard Stern?
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    QUOTE -- My
    God, Don`t we all sound like experts here... This is what I hate most about
    forums... you get all these clue-less people trying to give other`s advise....
    How funny that is... a clue less person giving another clue-less person
    advise... isn`t that like "Calling the tea kettle black"... -- ENDQUOTE No, it is
    not. You are using the expression incorrectly.Back to the
    topic, the OP has invested considerable money in someone who has already proven
    himself to be incapable of following through on deadlines and returning
    calls. You think
    it’s smart to give this guy *more* money? The guy who, if sick, doesn’t have
    a backup? The guy who, if not sick, doesn’t return calls from a panicking client?I agree
    that hiring a lawyer would be an expensive undertaking and that the designer may react, like you, in an entirely destructive manner.  No one undertakes a lawyer lightly. That doesn’t
    mean he should document everything to build a case nor resist consulting with a
    lawyer.Remember, this designer has the administrator role over
    the site. That means, should he want to
    HOSTING, he could kill the site.Can you
    imagine what the OP would be faced with if he went ahead with developing the
    site and then THAT happened?While you
    are right that the SuN forum is made up of amateurs, we are all in the same
    place. It`s called peer advice and, to
    my knowledge, no one here has posed themselves as an expert. We`re smart, we have our own experiences to
    draw from, and having heard a call to help we responded. There is no need to name call (“Tube Stake
    Pro”? Good lord, that was bad enough
    without the repeat misspelling!), bash or decry your peers here, especially
    since you are aware that this is the very nature of a forum-based community. So, OP, you
    have been presented with a number of suggestions by your business startup
    peers. We do look forward to hearing of
    your decision and -- judging from the enthusiastic response this has generated
    -- wish you all the luck in the world in seizing back your potential from this
    horrible situation.ArcherTC5/27/2009 9:26 AM
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    Part of the "problem" in responding to posts like this (where someone has issue with a web designer) is we (the responders) do not know all the details... so a lot of different suggestions are offered. That should be expected.... it`s like a brainstorming session.

    diachedesigns - To be critical of people trying to help by posting responses seems to me, a bit harsh.
    I think "we", the collective responders, are trying to help (as you are).
    In the original post, I believe he said he tried emailing and calling but got no response. Suggesting he call is a redundant suggestion and seems like an option he has exhausted.... although I expect he will keep trying.
    vwebworld5/27/2009 9:53 AM
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    Let`s see - both diachedesigns and  the OP are anonymous; neither signing their post nor having any profile information.  Diachedesigns has apparently not read all the posts, but just joined SUN and launched into criticism right away.
    Dia - the OP had stated two facts that are important to the discussion: First, the designer has disappeared and second, the domain name is owned by the designer. 
    We can`t offer much more help without more details, but none of us know where or if the website is currently hosted.  The OP may only have a preview of his site on the designers server, and without control of his domain name, he can`t move it to a publicly accessible host.  Without knowing more details, this is one scenario where the site can be "ready to launch" but unable to do so.
    It is imperative that the OP first get control of his domain name.  Without that, he is truly screwed.
    Steve Mann
    P.S., I never claimed to be an expert.
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    Tube and Video,
    I don`t think you read Fafa`s concern correctly.... He stated two things.... The web site is 99% complete. Meaning the developer delivered the project completely. and that the only thing he doesn`t have is the username and passwords. So the site is 100% Complete basically and not 99%. That he can launch his email campaign but that he`d rather have the developer hold his hand and walk him through it... (this shows you that Fafa to some extent trusts the developer) which is fine. Obviously, I see trust. on both parties.
    See Tube, your situation was a little bit different, you were lied to from the begining, and you were taken for a sucker right out the door. I hope you learned a valuable lesson. but Fafa`s situation is not the same... All he is waiting for is the username and password, so things do have to be addressed a little  bit different, because if the web site is complete and Fafa decides to bash this company or person, he can face serious charges. You can`t always jump to conclusions and try to treat everyone the same.
    You have to give people the benefit of the doubt until proven other wise. That would be like me treating all my customers the same just because one customer can`t pay me on time. 
    The key to Life is watch and learn and don`t make the same mistake twice.
    As for Video? What else should we lie about?
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    99% complete BUT.........
    "I call a few times a day, I leave voice mail, email, etc...Sure I could launch, but I don`t have admin rights to my own site.  I can`t make any changes.  If something goes wrong my web guy is MIA.  If someone has a question I can`t answer my web guy is MIA.  If nobody goes to the site, I am screwed...If thousands go to the site I have no way I monitoring performance etc...I want my site.  Sure, he showed me one or two things, but I still can`t operate the site from behind the scenes.  I have things I would like to change and add (banners/photos etc...) I can`t."Is it a good idea to launch a site and have it fail/crash and have no ability to correct anything? - I think not.
    I think it prudent to want to be able to have some control over the site when it launches - or know that the web designer will be there for support.
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    Roland, you`re a wise man, but diachedesigns is having a hard time understanding this for some reason.
    To use a brick-and-mortar example here to help him understand, what we have here is a person who had a store built, had it stocked with supplies and then -- on what was supposed to be the Grand Opening -- found he didn`t even have keys to the front door.  His face is pressed up against the glass and everything from his unexpert perspective looks done.  Sadly, that doesn`t matter.  There`s a small door in the back of the shop into which he *can* enter, but it traps him in a room from which he cannot do even the basics. He`s got customers that he *thinks* may be trying to get in, but he can`t tell because he`s so locked away, he has no clue what`s going on.  Worse, the guy who was supposed to give him the keys -- the one with whom he`s already had a bad working relationship -- well, he`s split and is nowhere to be found.
    Carrying the analogy forward, diachedesigns is telling him he should just start up shop in the back and pretend he owns the entire store.  He also recommends that the guy just hang in there because that key that he`s waiting on *may* be delivered after a few more *polite* messages left on an answering machine...
    Yes, the key in life is to watch and learn. Clearly, for some people, the learning part is the hardest.  ArcherTC5/28/2009 9:10 AM
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    The OP has not responded to our thread, and except for one PM from him where I told him that we can`t help him without more details, no more contact.
    So we should probably close this thread unless the OP chooses to participate.
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    What done is already done...
    The solution is to get another local company to take over everything...
    Password issues can be easily solved by hacking straight into the database...
    Maybe hire one full-time admin to take care all your technical stuff..
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    Password issues can be easily solved by hacking straight into the database...

    Yea, riiight.  We`re talking about the admin field in the DNS database, and you think it`s easily hacked?
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    I don`t think he meant *that* database. 
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    I don`t think he meant *that* database.
    Without getting control of the domain, he`s screwed.  Hacking *that* database is the Holy Grail of the hacking community and it`s only been breached once.  (By a friendly, thank you).
    Steve Mann
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