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Grants: Are they a myth or a reality to secure

showermanshowerman subscriber Posts: 1
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I would like to hear some feedback on getting a small business grant. I live in California, and I have heard both good and bad about trying to secure one. I am currently starting up my own shower and glass business, and would like to check into some grant funding without getting flooded with a bunch of  sales pitches from people promising the world. I would just like to get the nuts and bolts, non sugar coated advice about how the process goes, if it is worth the hassle, and do I even have a shot. I have read about "grant writers", and people who will guide you, but I also know down the line that they are going to want some kind of compensation, which I cant afford right now. Is there anybody out there who has actually secured a grant, or heard of someone trying to get one? I could sure use the input.


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    curicuri subscriber Posts: 2
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    robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Like most other funding methods - it depends.
    The federal government has several grant programs. However, almost all are geared toward "established" small businesses and many are for development of technology solutions.
    State and local governments have a number of ways to provide "incentives" to growing businesses - but most of these are aimed at creating jobs.
    Government grants for start-ups are often targeted on specific groups or locations.
    Several areas in California (ie the Bay Area) have developed some good "micro loan" programs (ie Lenders for Community Development) which can provide an access to start-up capital.
    If your capital needs are small, a grant can be a source. For start-up enterprises with significant capital needs - grant funding is not likely to provide the full amount. Process times can be fairly long (months before a decision is reached) and often have additional requirements (ie matching funds is a typical one) -
    So I tell my clients that they can get better results if they invest their time pursuing other sources of funds.
    For the small local grants - the application is "relatively" straight forward and shouldn`t require the services of a professional grant writer. When applying for a SBIR or STTR federal grant - the services of an experienced professional should be strongly considered.
    I`d start by contacting your local economic development agency.
    Good luck
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14

    ... that`s incredibly good advice... thanks.
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