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Please help with startup Issues

Rolex3007Rolex3007 subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2009 in Grab Bag
I am in the beginning stages of organizing a retail business. However i need some help with preliminary issues.
   A number of the wholesale lines need a physical address and store pictures to see if we qualify for there higher end products.  Some have a 90-day wait period after your initial open date. My question is how can i get off my feet? My business would need some of these wholesale accounts to hit my demographics. I looked at a few retail spots thats lease for $5000-$8000 a month. It seems like i would have to take a shot in the dark, lease the place, retail lower end products to get my foot in the door and hope i can close accounts with the bigger names??? Seems very risky? how do companies do it???


  • RanksIntlRanksIntl subscriber Posts: 0
    My first question is: do you have the capital for this?  That is a huge risk to take if you don`t really have the money to invest.  It may be a good idea for you to do some more research into other wholesale lines.  If you find the right place you may not need to provide anything to qualify.  You may also what to look into other properties to lease.  It is possible to find lower price spots that may look nice, you need to expand your options.  How far along are you in this process?  I have experience in retail and I specialize in small business start up and expansion so I have some ideas for how you may be able to go about this and other options that you may have.  Email me if you are interested.
  • JillybeanzJillybeanz subscriber Posts: 0
    This is a common problem that can take some time to overcome, retail is some of the hardest to get approved  for. 

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