Please critique my Boutique Shop website!

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   Would like someone to please critique my Boutique Shop website (Victorias Boutique Shop):

This website is selling intimate apparel.  I am also starting another website in June that will feature lingerie (Victorias Lingerie Shop).  The two sites will eventually be linked.  Please let me know what you think.    Thanks - Vicki
PS - The logo that is being used right now is not the one I wanted.  My brother is currently working on a new logo that will be just the name Victoria`s Boutique Shop in script or cursive writing.
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    Thanks for the critiques!  I understand your concern about the comparision to Victoria`s Secret, however, I hadn`t really thought about that.  Although, there are alot of names on the internet with Victoria`s.  Also, that is my name which is the reason I picked Victoria`s.  I understand the concern may be that I am selling bras, but I used the name Boutique Shop because I plan on adding other items in the future.  Also, I advertise plus-size intimates which Victoria`s Secret does not carry. 
    I did delete the Men`s and Youth categories which I had been debating about.  This makes it an all women`s shop which is what I was originally intending to do.  As far as the links, etc. I purchased this templated website and there are some things that I, myself, cannot change.  However, I have pointed this out to the company I am associated with and they have taken that advisement to their webmaster.
    Thanks for the input.  It`s a work in progress though.  I have had good response from the few friends that I have asked to look at the website and give me their opinions.  Sold some bras, and the main thing is they really liked the bras they purchased and are recommending this website to friends. 
    I have a fundraiser marketing plan which I am getting ready to implement and just wanted to get some opinions before I start this advertising campaign.  Appreciate any and all critiques!
    Thanks -
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    I`ve taken your advice into consideration.  I`ve been looking at some trademark sites and trying to research.  I`ve decided that it will probably just be easier to change my business/domain name and not take a chance on a lawsuit. 
    Thanks for your input.  It`s alot better to have to change the name now at the start rather than later after I get customers established.
    Thanks -
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    Besides selecting a new name for my boutique business, I have totally redone my boutique bra site and added another site with lingerie & accessories.
    Please review my bra boutique at and my lingerie website at    I have provided links between each site and promoting both sites.
    The only thing that is not done is the logos.  I am having someone design a mutual logo for each site.  I have temporary name logos in there at this time (don`t pay any attention to them).  On the lingerie site, I am going to replace the name (where the title tag goes) with Petite to Plus-Size Intimate Apparel after I have placed a logo on the heading (next to the yellow rose picture).
    I would appreciate any feedback on both sites.  I am ready to start marketing my sites but would like some opinions first if there is anything that you think I should change or do better.
    Thanks -
    Yellow Rose Lingerie & Boutique (formerly Victoria`s Boutique Shop)
    PS - I like the new name alot better!  Thanks for the previous feedback on that!
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