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Looking for constructive feedback:


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    Scott, I assume that you have a comprehensive clickwrap license agreement when the user downloads the software?
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    Well done indeed. I think your copywriting could use a bit more clarity, as it wasn`t really immediately clear to me what your business offered. But I don`t often see sites this well implemented.
    I`m not wild about the "the tools that drive instruction" as it`s a self-centered USP ... and it`s what you do, not what you offer. You need something a little more customer centered, that instantly communicates what you offer.
    Other than that, I can`t see anything wrong with the site. Looks great. Seems to run nicely.
    Here`s a great copywriting blog. [I am not affiliated with this blog but I do read it.]
    Possible word order error from the second page.
    TOPS (Teacher Planning & Organization System) [Shouldn`t this read "Teacher Organization & Planning System" ?]
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