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How do I follow up with Martha Stewart?

CookieCookie subscriber Posts: 2
I received a call last week from the Women`s Business Development Center (www.WBDC.org</A>) asking if I`d donate a WEDGIE for the gift bag for the keynote speaker at their 21st Annual Entrepreneurial Woman`s Conference on Sept. 26th.  The speaker? Martha Stewart.  I said I`d be down to deliver it with bells on!  
Anyone have any ideas on how I can follow up on this or should I just be glad that this will put WEDGIE on Ms. Stewart`s radar screen & do nothing?  


  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Cookie! That is awesome. I agree with Craigs advice. Congrats!
  • CookieCookie subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you for the suggestion to write MS a short note.  I haven`t done it yet which I guess means I`m not sure it`s the way to go.  I`m sure celebrities know that everyone is dying for their endorsement.   I just hate to be pushy so I`m going to wait awhile. 
    And now Seattle Sutton is coming to speak at the Smart Women Smart Money Conference.  May call the folks in charge & see if they`re going to have a gift bag for her.  If so, I`ll offer to donate WEDGIE. 
    Yes, Janie, it was just one for Martha`s gift bag.  But I also donated one for their Silent Auction so WEDGIE was out on display for all attending to see.  I feel everyday like I should be doing something to have WEDGIE out there in the public eye.  I used to wonder why the big guys (Waste Mgmt., Com Ed) bother to advertise but I guess even THEY feel "Out of sight, out...." 
  • CookieCookie subscriber Posts: 2
    Now that would be great!  I guess it just feels like I`d be fishing to start a dialogue in order to get an endorsement if I wrote to her.  I imagine celebrities are bombarded with folks trying to get something from them & that turns me off. 
  • CookieCookie subscriber Posts: 2
    And you`re right here in Chicago, Jennifer!  Small world. Thanks for the input. 
    I agree that there are lots of opportunities to promote ones business which aren`t taken advantage of.  One priority for me is getting out there every day & talking to folks & being sure I make some WEDGIE calls every single day.  When you`re a home-based biz it`s very easy to get caught up in the minutae of running a household, running errands ....  I`ve been known to pass out my business card to those standing around me in line at DQ, near flower beds in the park.... I`ve taught classes for adult education, had booths at conventions & markets, anything that gets WEDGIE in front of the buying public. The percentage of the population that consider themselves gardeners is staggering so I seldom can go wrong talking to folks about my planting tool.  I think everyone has to stay alert for every possible venue for promoting her/his biz.
  • CookieCookie subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Fundfinder,
    I`ve seen some men at their events but it is mostly women.  Check out their website or give them a call if you have a specific question about an event or are looking for an opportunity to get involved:  www.WBDC.org</A> 312-853-3477
  • CoffeeBlackCoffeeBlack subscriber Posts: 0
    What you can do is say that your product has been "a part of" or "used by" but it might be hard to get someone like Martha Stewart to sign off on an all out endorsement.
    If someone of this talent and popularity is interested; a license agreement might be something you look into (as far as using name and image associated with your product).
  • CookieCookie subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Glenn,
    I was a semi-finalist for Oprah`s 2003 "The Million Dollar Idea Challenge" & we all had to sign a document saying we`d never use Oprah`s name in any of our publicity.  Now, whether she`d come after us little guys if we tried to connect our product with her name, I don`t know, but I`m not willing to risk it.  I can`t say WEDGIE was "used by" MS because for all I know she could have just tossed everything in her gift bag.  Of course I hope she didn`t.  I hope she uses WEDGIE, loves it & praises it from the rooftops.  That would be one hell of a testimonial! 
  • BlizBliz subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Cookie,

    Just think... now your children will be able to say that you gave Martha
    Stewart a Wedgie! lol

    Maybe you should include a tee shirt that says "your name " gave me a

    That should get her attention!      /pages/communi ty/smileys/smiley36.gif Bliz2007-10-9 21:57:46
  • BlizBliz subscriber Posts: 1
    Humor may actually be an option that could become a cute anecdote for
    Martha to share if the endorsement were to come. just imagine her telling
    the story to the media... Bliz2007-10-9 22:19:28
  • BlizBliz subscriber Posts: 1
    I agree. there should be a picture of the Wedgie on the shirt.

    Perhaps a graphic artist could provide a nice rendering. I am sure that
    are some of them on the forums here who may be willing to lend a hand.

    The shirt should be one of exceptional quality and wrapped in a way that
    comes with the Wedgie packaging. Perhaps a nice light yellow pastel shirt
    with a floral pattern flowery garden type design would have greater

    It may require Cookie to research a bit to find Martha`s size.

    The key is to connect to martha stewart in a way that will leave an
    impression with her. I often find that individuals who are successful at
    doing that very thing are the ones who find their connection being
    revisited, and in some cases... Endorsed!Bliz2007-10-10 19:17:0
  • CookieCookie subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi All,
    Love the creative thinking!  Thanks for the suggestions & the prompting to get off the dime & contact MS.  The encouragement helps a lot.  And hopefully others profit from the exchanges as they apply the ideas to their own situations.  Just last night I was reading an old posting about a traveler going thru the DFW airport who noticed a sign in a shop asking for local vendors so travelers could take away something from Texas.  I immediately contacted a friend leaving for Europe today to see if she`d scout out the shops to see if any place seemed a good venue for WEDGIE at O`Hare.  Local product & all that....
  • BananabeanBananabean subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Cookie, Just think... now your children will be able to say that you gave Martha Stewart a Wedgie! lol Maybe you should include a tee shirt that says "your name " gave me a wedgie! That should get her attention!      /pages/communi ty/smileys/smiley36.gif
  • DearlyDepartedTshirtsDearlyDepartedTshirts subscriber Posts: 0
    Cookie.. by all means DO send a handwritten note (unless your have illegible handwriting!). I think having a very small card in envelope affixed to your products packaging ( and I do mean firmly affixed so its not easy for an assistant to pull off without damaging) is certainly appropriate - Try carefully hot glueing. It is certainly ok to ask Martha for her viewpoint/critique/words of praise for your product, since it`s a gift.
    Something short and sweet. Perhaps like:
    "Dear Martha, I am SO pleased to be sending you the Wedgie! I sincerely hope that you will use it with your personal gardening and would really love to hear your thoughts on my product!
    I love your show and would be delighted to share it`s story with your audience, should you have interest. Best regards, and Happy Gardening!"
    Warmest regards, Cookie..."
    Go get `em Cookie!
  • CookieCookie subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi All --
    Took your advice & did write to MS.  I was worried about the humor aspect of the t-shirt so I went with praise & a short note instead.  I really do think she`s an amazing woman & told her so.  I asked for feedback on my tool so we`ll see if she responds.
    re Seattle Sutton, the speaker at Tuesday`s Smart Women Smart Money conference:  I found her handlers & they took me to her before her presentation.  I was able to chat with her a bit & gift her with WEDGIE.  She writes books & speaks all over the U.S. so perhaps WEDGIE will end up in one of her anecdotes.  She is very supportive of new businesses.  And yes, I plan to follow up next week with a note to her!
    The event reinforced for me the necessity of getting out there.  Made contacts with the people at my table, through donating a tool for the raffle....
     Cookie2007-10-18 13:32:34
  • BlizBliz subscriber Posts: 1
    Cudo`s Cookie!

    You have nothing to lose in getting yourself out there!

    Job well done!
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