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SEO Company...do we need to Redo our site?

SEOExpertSEOExpert subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2007 in Website Critique
Hello SUN Community:
I recently bought into an existing company www.clickresponse.net</A>.  We do Search Engine Optimization and mainly target smaller and medium-sized businesses.  For those who don`t know what SEO is...we help business improve their rankings on the major search engines...google, yahoo, etc. 
The site was/is built by my partner who has some experience in that area.  I`ve been looking at some of our competitors and am wondering if we should redesign our site.  If anyone has time I`d  really appreciate your looking at our site and comparing it to some of our competitors...
Our site:  www.clickresponse.net</A>
some others to compare to:  www.increasevisibility.com</A>
These companies are all larger companies than ours but are simmilar to what we aspire to become.
Keep in mind that our target market is smaller to mid-sized businesses...Do you think we need to redo our site?  If not, what would you change on our existing site?  Anything else stick out...comments about our business model offerings, etc???
I really appreciate your help and will spend some time returning the favor to others.
 SEOExpert2007-2-12 15:48:43


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    onlineeateronlineeater subscriber Posts: 16
    I would redesign the site. Make it more professional looking. It was very confusing. I did not want to put the time Craig did because it was so disorganized. 
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    SEOExpertSEOExpert subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank You nhgnikole, CraigL and onlineeater....and I thank anyone else who reviews the site. 
    I wanted to thank you for taking the time to review the site...Craig na nhgnikole in particular.  You guys put some time in doing this and I really appreciate it.
    While I would disagree with a few of the things that were mentioned, about guarantee, the seo industry, etc.,  That these stuck out as issues to you is noteworthy and we will pay attention to them.
    All the other comments are great.  I`m going to take these (as well as any more reviews that are done) and have a meeting with my partner and discuss them...
    Thank-you again for your time....SEOExpert2007-2-13 10:10:39
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    SEOExpertSEOExpert subscriber Posts: 1
    nhgnikole:  I thought I`d reply to a few of your comments...lest others read them and think we`re dishonest or something.  It`s obvious that you don`t like SEO companies and your comments are colored by that.  The fact is that we provide a very valuable service for a great price.  It`s unfortunate that someone reading this might infer from your comments that we`re some sort of shady company...not at all.  I do thank you for your time though.
     ... I would start with the link that says you rank #1 when I see you at #7
    nhg nikole...on the link we state that we have a first page ranking...which we do...we are position 7 on page 1
    I would also go with a little truth in advertising. You use the words guarantee everywhere ... but what are you guaranteeing?
    There is an "Our Guarantee" link at the top of the page...Did you not see it? If you read that page it explains the guarantee in detail.  There is nothing "untruthrul" or dishonest at all.I think your "information" is really outdated. Traditional marketing is not dead, and SEO is not the only answer. These kind of statements were a great fad ... like a few years ago ...
    Sorry for the tone ... I`m not too fond of this type of company.And WHOA on your prices.
    Do you mean our prices are too high?  I think our prices are too low...what we do is fairly labor intensive.  If you look at our competitors you`ll see that our prices are considerably lower...SEOExpert2007-2-13 10:41:28
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    SEOExpertSEOExpert subscriber Posts: 1
    elids and nhgnikole...
    Thanks thanks for your time and opinions...
    You both have good points and give us something to discuss and work on...thanks
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    SEOExpert,I took a look at your web site, and Yes you do need to 1. Redesign your web site2. Organize yourself.SEOExpert, If you ask me? An SEO expert and Web Designer go Hand in Hand. One Can`t be a web designer without knowing about SEO and vise-versaHow could you guys say you are an SEO COMPANY when your web site looks like something out of WEB IN A BOX? Im not trying to disrespect your business or discredit you, but come on!!!I`ve seen smaller company`s with awesome web sites. I`m a web developer/ designer and Optimizing a Customers web site to me means, Using the correct tags and content to go along with the keywords. What if I told you, that one of my customers hit 879,111 Impression on Google in less than 20 days? His Current Conversion Rate is (let me open my SEO software) 92.13%? Would you believe it? I don`t claim to be an expert just someone that knows what they are doing. And... knowing what you are doing means paying careful attention to the tags, h1, h2, h3, and so forth. being CSS compliant by W3C is just one of my favorite things to brag about. Now do you need help with your web site? Lets talk... I might be able to help you and get you out of the 7th, place. SMILE Nuevolution2007-2-14 3:41:46
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