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Emotional Marketing Verses Logical Marketing

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edited March 2013 in Marketing
How do you operate your business by emotion or by logic? If you are like most Internet Marketers my guess is your business runs on emotion. From my experience learning how to become a successful marketer requires both emotion and logic.
You will need to capture the emotional side of your audience to make them feel like you really are interested in their best interest. It is also important to give your Google readers some strategic (logical) information that will help them move their business forward.
Let me ask you this, does your heart start pumping a little faster as you move down that sales page as you read all about how this new software that is going to explode your Internet business. The author has learned how to become a writer who triggers your emotional buttons, making you want to buy whatever is being offered.
As you continue to become more and more enticed a moment of logic strikes you and you stop and think do I really need this or am I just hoping this will be the answer to my success.
Too bad that only lasted a few seconds as you continue your emotional journey down the page reading testimony after testimony of how this software has helped so many other Internet Marketers build a successful business.
Now the crucial moment arrives and it is time to pull out your credit card. Will your logic kick back in or will your emotions win?
If you operate your business strictly by emotion you will have a very difficult time staying focused. Emotion is a crucial component to building a successful business if it is channeled into passion and compassion. These both are needed to become a marketer. This is called controlled emotion.
Now onto the logical side of your business. Making the right decisions will require logic and self discipline unlike your uncontrolled emotional feel good decisions. A long term mind set verses a immediate gratification mind set will go a long way towards you building a successful Internet business on Google.
You will also need to implement some logical marketing strategies for your business to grow. You may have not been exposed to this side of building a successful Internet business and that is understandable. Looking for the answers can be a tiresome and very frustrating task. Most of all the information you find is nothing more than hype and false promises.
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