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Starting a junk/clutter removal business.

ChrisFarleyChrisFarley subscriber Posts: 20
edited January 2016 in Selecting a Business
After months of research into what it is I would like to do while in college I have come up with junk/clutter removal being the best. I am going to work three jobs over the summer so I can buy a truck and get started. If there is anyone out there in this business please offer me some advice as to the best way to get started, and how to price certain jobs. I would like to be able to create a business to compete with the big names in this industry while I am in school and then see where that takes me.


  • JUNKDaveJUNKDave subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    we have a complete junk removal business startup kit.  visit www.yourjunkbiz.com
  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    apologies for no specific suggestions or help on your business except you may want to incorporate a slight twist in your service that differentiates you from others...
    for example, in my city we have no "recyclable" items pick up.  so all the paper, bottles etc end of going in the garbage.  after all how many people will go out of their way to separate that stuff and go throw it where it can be reused right?
    ive called the city two years in a row now and they really want to implement a recycle pick up weekly but for some reason just have not moved forward. wonder how many cities actually do this?
    so i suggested providing all interested households with a recycle container / dumpster.  if this is available at home people would be naturally willing to use it.  its a win win for everyone and we will all be doing our part to help keep the environment clean.
    maybe someone can start a service like this and approach the cities/municipalities? with a growing green initiative this can be the next greenest idea candidate on the SUN annual competition
  • infinique1infinique1 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    This is a great idea. Any business that requires minimal start up capital has a stronger chance of making it big. What's there to lose anyway.
  • EstellaEstella subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Hey that sounds good but never ever thought of such kind of business, presently I'm making my living through trading and what I feel is, it is the most lucrative market and extremely profitable and super easy to get started with.
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  • groverman82groverman82 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Like anything relating to small business, before starting one on your own, regardless of your idea, you need to consider how much time it is going to take to run it successfully. Not only will you have to do the grunt work, or provide the service that makes you money, but then you will need to spend your "time off" still working on the business. You spend this off time working because that is when you are keeping books, looking for leads, etc. Good Luck!
  • GenJunkerGenJunker subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    alister91 lol ..I have a master's and still pull more off junk hauling than my day job. Obviously, get your education. The point i am trying to express is you may very well fall in love with the junk removal Industry. Another thing you can do during the Winter (depending on location) is [url=Http://www.IceremovalIndianapolis.com]Ice Removal[/url]. Just strive to provide complete satisfaction for your costumers junk removal needs, you'll do fine.
  • GenJunkerGenJunker subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Zhangpeylin please dont spam this forum. This is only about junk removal
  • austininteractivedesignaustininteractivedesign subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I started a junk removal business We Heart Junk in 2010 and it has done well.  The key to our succes, outside of the basic ins and outs of operation (dump, managing employees, equipment, etc) was when we got serious about our SEO (search engine optimization).  There are lots of little niches you can do well with in the junk biz by just blogging about your day to day operations.  Our business probably doubled when we focused more on SEO and PPC and less on traditional ads like radio and valpak mailers. 
    Also remember that your Trucks are depreciable assets and someday you'll have to replace them.  If you can save some of your profit and pay for the new trucks with cash, you'll be way ahead of the game.
  • TakeoutTakeout subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    We started an Atlanta junk removal business called http://takeouttrash.com/ . It's hard at first but try to stick with it!
  • vistavista subscriber Posts: 0
    We just started our junk removal business. Would love some advice for a fast start. Looking at all the marketing options is overwhelming.This is a bit scaryso thank you in advance. http://www.vistacleanaz.com
  • ThomasMaloneyThomasMaloney subscriber Posts: 0
    Before setting up a business, you could do some research to see which sectors have a huge demand but a lack of providers. From there, you can venture into the respective market to cater to the area closer to home. For me personally, storage is increasing in its popularity especially for those living in apartments where space is always a constraint. You could start small before expanding gradually.
  • jsjunkjsjunk subscriber Posts: 0
    Agree with ThomasMaloney

    J's Junk removal vancouver
  • vistavista subscriber Posts: 0
    Update: Ok, so it's been a month since we started our junk removal business... We have learned a ton (literally). So far we have taken down chicken coops, hot tubs, seen some nasty, nasty hoarder stuff almost everyday something different. My only problem is getting to the front page with google anyone have any suggestions? How about some honest reviews about our site. Truly appreciate the feedback!

  • JaneenJaneen subscriber Posts: 0
    Junk removal has become extremely popular these days as more and more people are making use of the service. I had the opportunity to work closely with the team from Junkit( http://www.junkit.ca/ ) from Toronto while shifting my office to a new location. I found it extremely helpful as I was able to concentrate on other things and not worry about junk.
  • vistavista subscriber Posts: 0
    It's funny, the junk removal scene is getting crowded FAST even in my small town. The good news seems to be when you get deep into a business other opportunities seem to come around. The biggest thing I have learned with our business is keep on chugging along. The junk removal business is VERY cyclical but if you watch for other opportunities you will excel. Keep an open mind.

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