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New (probably not) Idea for online consumers

CracksterCrackster subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2009 in Selecting a Business
Hello everyone, thanks for checking in on this post. Any thoughts/ideas/feedback are welcomed. Here is my problem, hopefully you guys can get me pointed in the right direction to offer the consumers up here the solution:
From Canada, travels occasionally to the USA and have noticed an astounding difference in the variety of merchandise readily available for consumption. To put it bluntly, walk into a sneaker store in Canada and see row after row of the same shoe, but with different laces (if your lucky). Walk into a store in the USA, and the difference is staggering. Also, Canada seems to be a few months behind with every "new" release (regardless of product).
Im basically looking for a way to bridge this gap with a website (or whatever works). Lets stick with the sneaker analogy and say I would really love to be able to provide the newest releases of shoes when they are actually new.
Is it possible to get vendors to sell there wares on my site? Am I overreaching thinking that I can snare some big game (nike, adidas, run athletics, etc)?
Would I have to go the wholesale route?
Thanks all


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