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New Website - Would appreciate some feedback.

willberichwillberich subscriber Posts: 2
edited November 2008 in Website Critique
 Hi all:  We are just going through the final iteration of our latest website, and I would love to get some feedback.  I tried to include everything that i could think of to relay who we were, and get some interest.  Any feedback both negative and positive is appreciated.  The website is:


Thanks in advance for your time!!


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    WebsitesUnleashedWebsitesUnleashed subscriber Posts: 4

    Long domain name. I`d try to find something with two words.
    No page titles, so bookmarking is useless and it degrades your appearance as a legitimate store.
    When going to buy, your logo in paypal is completely different from the website. Stay consistent.
    Your news section links mostly don`t work, and the fact they are almost all a full year old is concerning. Makes me think the store is no longer active. I would remove this page until you have something more recent or significant.
    Way too many links in the top menu, and after further browsing it looks like the site is incomplete (wholesale page is blank).

    I would work on simplifying your site. Make a link to every page within the left and top menu`s, but don`t link things twice. For a site selling exactly one product with two sizes you have way too much fluff. Focus on your story and product, and simplify.

    Link your logo to the homepage!

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    redfishredfish subscriber Posts: 10
    Just a thing I noticed.
    "donate 2% of all sales" isn`t going to increase your sales.  In fact, I doubt many people would believe it... unless you added a story.  Or picked a charity... Sponsor a world vision child and keep a blog of your communications or something... Or use that 2% to participate in a micro loan program.  You could invest $25 now, and wait for the purchases to catch up.
    A point on the no title thing to is that it wrecks your page rankings!
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    willberichwillberich subscriber Posts: 2
    Actually there is a charity listed on the website and a page that will have copy on it which shows where we have donated money.  Other than that, I do need to address all of the points you all have brought up.  When I speak to people for sales one on one, they love our product, and our concept and we sell!!  I guess the website is not relaying the concept very well, though.  The techinical stuff will need to just get done--but I will also work on the copy and see if I can`t figure out something better.  I have been avoiding those loud websites because that just isn`t me, or to be honest, the clientele that I want.  I wanted it to be elegant.  Maybe I need to try other things out to see what works.  I very much appreciate the time you all took to address my post.
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    redfishredfish subscriber Posts: 10
    I agree with Craig that not all web sites need to be loud or `infomercialike`.  But you could be specific when you say 2% to charity - instead say something like "and 2% of sales go to support small business development in Rwanda" (or wherever your Kiva loan is -- and I love Kiva by the way).  Then make it a link to your charity page (which by the way comes up blank when I click it -- menu is there, but no content).  And pull a story or details from Kiva -- stories mean so much more and can capture emotion and thought better than just simply a statement.
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