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new member looking for fellow young entrepreneurs

lsuebulsuebu subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2008 in New Member Welcome
Hi there,
 My name is Sam Fianu and I run a couple of projects for my brother`s
company in the UK. One of our projects is about young entrepreneurs and
we`re looking for fellow young entrepreneurs to take part in the site
testing when it opens.


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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I am early 30`s.. is that considered "old".. I don`t feel old.. I look pretty good.. Anyway... I like your face book app!
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    jennieloujennielou subscriber Posts: 1
    Dear Sam:
    I have recently opened the door on GetSmartmoodle.org and its my very first attempt at a .org or a .anything and I am siging up on any site that has a startup in connection with it... I have been aproached in the last calendar week by an India Bishop and a Eropean individual to make use of GetSmartmoodle.org for their marketing purposes... However GetSmartmoodle is not ready for market but I am putting out the word and sending information concerning the startups progress to interested parties - there are 5 people that have signed up for GetSmartmoodles services at the website... Its all exciting ...
    So, If your site will have GetSmartmoodle.org as a new site addition - we`re both there...
    today is the present and tomorrow`s a gift...
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    lsuebulsuebu subscriber Posts: 1
    wow today has been a hectic day trying to manage lots of tasks, not a lot of time for rest. Anyway thanks for your kind comments about the facebook app stonesledge. As for my young entrepreneur project, the site will mainly focus on business owners who are under 30.
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    jennieloujennielou subscriber Posts: 1
    Dear Sam:
    That is a very wise thing to do... In re-reading your website posting I find that you have a target audience that you are looking to survey or discover what they think about...
    I feel that what you should do if your looking for a particular survey is just what you are contemplating on doing and you will have a targeted point of view of age 30 and under...
    However, you work your venture - best of luck and wishes - as for me - I find that all inclusiveness is a better business practice instead of exclusive... I am just glad that StartUpNation let me in and was not age or gender specific... I am also a volunteer with a NPO and we currently have a 15 year old designing websites for our organization - we are all inclusive and welcome participation from all age ranges...
    today is the present and tomorrow a gift...
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