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first i would like to say hello to all. ive been searching far and wide and still havn't found any good answers. i would like to start a staffing agency, more specifically an EVENT staffing agency. an agency such as this provides promotional models for in-store sampling, buzz street teams, product demonstrations, and various staff for conventions.
my hangup, before proceeding is figuring out how to procure clientele. there is much national competition, but i would like to start locally where i only have one competitor that i am aware of. this one competitor has a lot of sampling that occurs with companies from kraft foods to verizon wireless. not with these specific companies in mind, but how should i go about contacting companies such as this to offer my services? how should i approach companies who DONT do such things as product demonstrations etc, that they should?

i apologize if im not clear enough in this post, but any help would be appreciated.


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