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Road block

SERGIOSERGIO subscriber Posts: 16
edited July 2008 in Sales

Hello again

As some of you already know I launched my part time biz. The thing is I’m having a tough time getting clients. Here is my situation

 I need to contact clients in other towns to tell them about my service and website. The thing is I have not been able to think of any way of contacting them, except cold calling…..that did not go so well, most cut me off before I could even finish the sentence. So there is my road block. How would you contact prospects to let them know of a service you offer if you can’t physically go to their place of business and talk to them.


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    DefMallDefMall subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Today Web 2.0 methods...also referred to as Social Networking is more powerful and generally more accepted than Cold Calling.
    Join all kinds of forums and online communities...NOT with the sole intention of talking up your company but rather with the inention of establishing yourself as an expert in the field. Reply to other posts where you can share some knowledge. Gain a following of people who respect your knowledge. Find blogs that discuss topics related to your business and comment those posts as well.
    With your company information in your signature, and a showing of knowedlge and maturity, you begin to get some recognition.
    Then, use apps like Facebook, Twitter, and other ways for people who know and recognize you/your work to follow you as YOU post yout thoughts, ideas, etc...
    Of course, this won`t bring you a million dollars over night, but it`s a an effective method for building a reputation that does NOT include cold calling.
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