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I got an idea for an easy small biz . I live in a medium sized town and I want to start a small niche advertising firm in particular weekly ad booklets 10 pages 20 ads to have exclusivity to it , it would advertise sales promotions menus  and a small local classifieds to advertise yard sales furniture sales. So what do you guys think of the idea. Does anybody know how much the average cost of a 20 page + cover and back 8.5 x 5.5 booklets is? And how much do you think is a fair price to charge for a full page ad

So what do you guys think of this idea for a part time business??


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    Thank you
    wehavepromotionalideas & CraigL

     I found 2 Printers one is local he charges $3,100 for 1,000 units (No wonder the town mostly gets Wal-Mart and fast food direct mail). But I found a good printing service online (Thank you internet hahaha) they charge $524.00 for 1000 units and $25.00 for delivery winner So the booklet has 10 pages that’s 20 ads front and back and I could also use the inside of the glossy cover for 2 extra ads. So far so good… got a printer got, a booklet design what I have left to do know is find a service that mails the booklets to people’s homes, get 22 clients and figure out what to charge?  Where should I look to find a mailing service? As for the prices I was thinking $100 or $150 per 1,000 color full page ads is fair Right?

    And to
    differentiate my business I’m going to focus on 4 different niches food, services, special sales/promotions and local listings to keep things different.

     And yeah your right CraigL finding clients might take a long time but the rest is easy.

    So what do you guys think??  

    Thanks again for your input
    wehavepromotionalideas & CraigL
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