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Upcoming economy collapse!!

EntrepreneurialMexEntrepreneurialMex subscriber Posts: 9
edited February 2008 in Thought Leadership


The Dollar is losing and losing value This vid shows
So What do you think SUN Community Do you think the falling dollar well eventually collapse the US Economy if so Do you think  businesses and  internet businesses Can Survive it And do you think its wise to Invest in Gold Just in case the dollar does not recover


  • art8art8 subscriber Posts: 6
     Thanks for sharing. The question is can America  survive a collapse of the dollar as we know it? If the dollar collapsed and we brought out a single "world" currency would we obtain our economic rank?  A lot of countries have to agree on a single currency. To forgo all that dept is like going bankrupt. Not to point blame but wasn`t  G Bush owned companies end in bankruptcy? My 2 cents is that  the weakness of the dollar  and the economic problem  is a  prelude to the end of the war.  America can`t afford it. The war has only benefited a few at the very top. War is a racket. It only ends when it has gotten to expensive both in lives and money. 
    art82008-1-27 15:21:26
  • EntrepreneurialMexEntrepreneurialMex subscriber Posts: 9
    The Excuse to form the NAU i bet the politicians/real owners of this country will claim that its the only possible way  to get out of  situation just to get what they want Formula= Problem-Reaction-Solution right? NAU Also An excuse to rewrite The U.S constitution to take some of our rights just guessing because they already want to take our guns with so called "Gun control" not only that but they also want to regulate the internet does anybody else object to that....any way Gold is almost $1000 per ounce you must be really smart Paula i just barely figured out that Gold/Silver is the real money not just in America but for the whole world...So Paula do you have coins or bullions? I Know the majority of businesses will end up going under  But my Question is what about internet businesses what will happen to them will people be able to have/ afford the internet EntrepreneurialMex1/27/2008 4:14 PM
  • hugh009hugh009 subscriber Posts: 3
    As a arm chair economist - minored in Economics - I think that we will see more world wide problems because so many of our former US made products are now made globally. This morning the Chinese and Japanese markets were way down again with the fear that the Americans will slow down their purchases of products from Wal-Mart which if you checked lately over 90% of the electronics, which has maintained a strong market, are now made in China. See,s to be the only Asian country not suffering is India which leads the world in Internet based outsourcing.
    I wrote a book on survival of the prepared and offer a blog at http://survivaloftheprepared.blogspot.com. I also have http://usprepared.blogspot.com for Emergency Preparedness.
  • hugh009hugh009 subscriber Posts: 3
    Glad you liked it RabbitMountain! We need to have as many people prepared as possible for what could be on the horizon! If you would like a copy of my new ebook on three aspects of survival let me know at [email protected] with Subject: Survival Ebook. That goes for anyone else too.
  • hugh009hugh009 subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks, Paula! I visited the site and will get in touch with him. Also check out my Social Enterprising project at http://www.7thaven.org.
  • EntrepreneurialMexEntrepreneurialMex subscriber Posts: 9
    So Craig do you think that Internet businesses are more likly to survive when the collapse hits
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