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I have some questions for you

BraveBrave subscriber Posts: 1
Hi guys, we are trying to improve our business and we'd love to have some real information on people who already have a business running to try to improve ours, this is nothing too personal so don't worry.

We are just trying to figure out which are the problems and frustrations you might have in regards your business, we are just trying to find real problems and frustrations, to know more about the goals of the people, and use this knowledge to create something that can actually help people reach their goals.

So, here are the questions:

1.- What are your goals?

2.- What has been your greatest frustration when running your business?

3.- what are the problems you are facing now in your business?

4.- What do you feel could help you to improve your business?

5.- How could I help you in your business and your goals?


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    BraveBrave subscriber Posts: 1
    Note:It seems these questions created some problems in another forum, because they thought I was spamming or trying to sell them something, it seems the question #5 tick them off. But I did that question when I was starting a year ago to find more personally what type of services I could offer to people in order to help them out in anything they needed.So just to make sure, I'm not trying to sell anything here, just to learn from your valuable knowledge, thanks a lot for your answers
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