How to get paid for advertising on your site?

ChrisFarleyChrisFarley subscriber Posts: 20
I am interested in starting an on-line website that makes money just off of advertising revenue, how do you attract companies that want to advertise on your website? Just a hint my target market is middle aged people.


  • TexaderoTexadero subscriber Posts: 0
    Traffic is indeed important. If you don`t have lots of people on your site, advertisers may not want to buy space on your site directly. If you`re just starting out, Google Adsense or may be good bets.
    I`ve used both of those services and had some success. Once I built up some traffic, I`ve also started to recruit advertisers directly.
    An alternative to advertising is to sell products via affiliate programs. Depending on your site content, this may or may not be a good option. I`ve been selling some products via Amazon associates for several years now.
  • PiperTaxPiperTax subscriber Posts: 5
    +1 for
    (And then eventually, once site is large enough, I`d suggest trying to contact potential advertisors directly.)
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