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Would a website that helps sell dead-stock merchandise.....

sellmyinventorycomsellmyinventorycom subscriber Posts: 3
edited August 2008 in Environmental
fall under the "Green" category?
 I am reading other posts in this forum and started to think that our site is helping the planet in it`s own way.I am thinking that helping small business owners sell their dead stock merchandise to other  businesses is helping keep that inventory from reaching the landfill sooner. Also if a buyer can purchase this already manufactured merchandise,it curtails the factories from spewing out more pollution while creating additional & identical items.
 Would you agree with this premise and could you post more ideas on how we could be greener?
Thank you,Paul


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    SearchqueenSearchqueen subscriber Posts: 0
    Paul, Yes that concept is absolutely GREEN. Any concept, method or service that keeps things out of the landfill or keeps them from being duplicated is GREEN. Donna
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    CPAandMBACPAandMBA subscriber Posts: 0
    I don`t know if that is particularly "green".  While it could be, you haven`t provided enough information.  The ultimate repository is still the landfill although you might delay it by 6-18 months (on average).
    I think you need to think about your entire strategy and reason for being.  What is the goal?  Could these items be donated?  Could you create a social enterprise to help people while you help these businesses?  What are the length of the supply chains and how far is this inventory moving?  What is the environmental footprint of this entity?
    Hope that helps, let me know if you need further clarification.
    Brian C. Setzler, CPA
    MBA in Sustainable Business
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