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How do I add e-commerce to my website

ChrisFarleyChrisFarley subscriber Posts: 20
I have a small lawn care company that i want to add an e-commerce option on my website so i can make myself more organized. What laws are there pertaining to e-commerce or taxes? I am new to all of this, thank you.


  • John49John49 subscriber Posts: 0
    There are several ways/options to add "ecommerce". To determine your best alternatives it would be good to know what you want to accomplish with an ecommerce component?
    Do you want to enable people to pay you online, to sell products, to sell services...? and also how many different products or services?
    Is it important for the ecommerce program to maintain a customer database?
  • ChrisFarleyChrisFarley subscriber Posts: 20
    I would like to sell a service and only just a few services around 5-10 probably, i would like to get paid on-line or atleast have it as an option.
  • John49John49 subscriber Posts: 0
    If you do not need your ecommerce program to maintain a customer database, then one way to sell online is to add "buy me" buttons (either PayPal or Google checkout).
  • rusmanrusman subscriber Posts: 7
    How easy is it to have the e-commerce site maintain a DB, and what kinds of things are stored in the db? I would be looking for name/address info, as well as product(s) purchased and dates of purchase.
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Most ecommerce solutions easily maintain a database of customer and product information.
    Customer contact information like name address, email, telephone# and payment information is retained. Product information like product name, model, manufacturer, description, price, weight, and photos are retained.
    Most good ecommerce solutions allow you to manage all that information from a secure admin log in. Also, you can email customers in bulk, have special pricing, sell gift certificates and offer discount coupons... among other features.
    If you want some ecommerce solutions PM me and I`ll give you my recommendations.
    vwebworld11/30/2007 8:24 AM
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