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Please Give Feedback- Weather Insurance

Section1GuySection1Guy subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2009 in Website Critique

My site is 2 days old.  I put it together in a few hours.  I know it`s extremely amateurish.  What I`m looking for is what do I need to add to the current pages on the site, and considering what my business is, what other pages should I be adding?
The site will need to be completely overhauled by a true web designer, but I don`t have enough capital yet.  This whole business literally popped up over the weekend. 
All thoughts are welcome.
Definitely fill out a quote form and contact us form so I can see how well that works and looks when the box is filling up with more than just 1 at a time.  Thanks so much for your time and help.
P.S.  Any thoughts/questions on the business are welcome as well.  I`m working 100% on my own right now, so anybody that has ideas and wants to be involved will definitely catch my ear.
Thanks again.


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    banzaibertbanzaibert subscriber Posts: 0
    Not bad for an amateur. Hmmm... your logo is blending with your content. That should not happen. Place your logo somewhere wherein it catches attention... maybe under your banner, upper left above Home, about us and etc.  
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    vlakh01vlakh01 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi there,


    I checked out your site and have to say that I like it – most folks get too carried away with form over substance.  You on the other hand have a simple site full of text and that is exactly what the web is all about.  If you are looking to get picked up by search engines, you need tons of textual content.


    Good luck with the site and don’t forget to visit our site for some wonderful free tools that you as a small business owner will love.
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    VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    Not bad at all, in fact pretty good for a first time design.  Simple, straight to the point and easily navigated.
    I knew that Vistaprint was getting into the website templates business, but this is the first I`ve seen.
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    brookerryanbrookerryan subscriber Posts: 1
    The weather index insurance products were specially designed to attract the farmers through product simplicity, flexibility and affordability and were expected to bring about a revolution in their consumption and production decisions.
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