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Legalities of bringing a product to market (UK)

BobbyboyBobbyboy subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Protecting Your Ideas
I am in the final stages of designing a product. It is not a new product but is simply an improvement of previous attempts. The branding will be a strong element of the products appeal.
I know this is a broad question but from what I understand I will need to trademark the brand, but a patent isn't necessary? Any help is appreciated


  • AgataAgata subscriber Posts: 0
    If you think about protecting your intellectual property you should definitely read this article:
    http://labs.octivi.com/intellectual-pro ... -startups/
  • AriannaPhillipsAriannaPhillips subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    A trademark is the idetifier of a certain product, it is a recognizable sign that represent a company or a certain product. It protects something that is used to identify where a product or a service comes from. It is not the thing being describe but it describe something. On the other hand, Patents is granted to protect inventions. In order to get a patent your invention must be novel, which means it must be unique from previous inventions, it also must be useful and non obvious. A patent number is granted to every invention that meets all requirements.
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