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I see many new web sites adding google or yahoo search bars to their new web sites. My thought is that it simply makes it one step easier to navigate away from your page and you reduce your professional image.


  • vwebworldvwebworld Posts: 40subscriber
    Searches can be restricted to the website or you may allow a search of the web.
    If your site`s content is relevant and what the viewer is seeking...then people will return to your site.  Another way to think about providing a web search is that you are providing an additional "service" for your web site viewer.... that service may be of value to the viewer.
  • cuttscutts Posts: 4subscriber
    Thanks...wasnt aware of site specific search functions.
  • iouone2iouone2 Posts: 14subscriber

    ... At Elusive Treasures you will find a search field at the top left of the page. Our search function does not search the web. There`s not even an option present to do so. It does search our site for the keywords you enter. It is much faster and easier to find a specific product by using a search field, although, I must admit it is possible for a user to enter a term I (store owner) did not anticipate for a particular product. It`s also possible to search for something like "plant" and end up finding "planter" within the results. However, for the most part, the search function (at least for my site) is only searching my "" domain.Why don`t you try it out? Do a search at for "plant" or "imitation flowers."
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