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Copyright question

scrappyscrappy subscriber Posts: 8
edited July 2006 in Protecting Your Ideas
As some of you know, I have designed craft furniture for the home and office.  Due to Pkg and Shpg issues and `lack` of funds to invest in pkg materials I`ve had to change my plan to focus on my local community, which would eliminate pkg material/boxes and damages due to shipping.  I`ve had to inform some of my new prospects (out of state) that I am no longer able to ship.  I have people say how sorry they are and wish there was a way they could receive some of my units... in one of the responses, I had someone ask,
"Can you copyright the plans of the units and sell them to people all over the world?"  They can in turn find a shop to make the pieces for them...
It sounds to easy to be true... and nothing is EVER easy  But, people do purchase house plans, so why not these?  If this is possible, and if you feel this is a great idea,  WHERE in the world do I even begin to attempt to have this done? and what kind of $$ do you think I`ll have to front?
I`m really looking forward to the responses I get from this thread.... I was considering to copy and paste this thread on another topic line, but I wasn`t sure which???
Thanks Marcy


  • scrappyscrappy subscriber Posts: 8
    Thanks for your input... I look forward to reading more
    and to answer your question about contacting sauder, no... have not.  I would not even know where to begin.  I`m sure, Sauder mfr all their furniture overseas.  If they don`t I would be shocked! If anyone know how to try to contact a company like Sauder please let me know...
    Thanks Marcy
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Um, I assembled a shelfing item from Ikea at my old job one day. It was
    a really well designed item, but I would have used real wood for a
    longer lasting piece. So, I kept the building instruction manual to
    build it again with my own materials.

    Who would know?

    Could it happen to you?

    There are risks in everything huh? I know my comment wasn`t much help. But there it is.
  • scrappyscrappy subscriber Posts: 8
    Yes, I understand that people would copy anyway... but still, people do copyright plans and sell them... like house plans... Still thinking on this
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