What aggravations do you go through everyday?

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Just thought i would start a new thread, what boths you, is it something you can`t do sale your product, or is it something you don`t have like time. What aggravations do you go through during your day could be personal or work related.


  • PeterCPAPeterCPA Posts: 0subscriber
    Having an objective voice of reason to share my business problems with, and get good advice.
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    I agree with Peter.  As they say, "It`s lonely at the top". That`s because most people have no idea what we go through to build our businesses.  We have to wear many hats.  How many people can relate to that?
    My biggest pet peeve is hiring people who don`t follow through with what they said they would do.  What has happened to the work ethic?  Is it me or has something changed in the world?
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    Right this very second I`m wracking my brain over "inventory control".  As a newbie manufacturer, I don`t really have a handle yet on how to predict sales, especially for unexpected PR stuff and have enough inventory to fill orders, but not put out thousands of unnecessary dollars for orders that may or not happen.  How do you know how much inventory is too much?  How do you know what`s not enough, especially when there is an 80 day lead time from PO to delivery???  Sorry for the rant, this is just what is plaguing me today.  I`m sure I`ll figure it out just like I have figured everything else out... trial by fire!
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    Craig, why didn`t I think of that??!!!
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer Posts: 7subscriber
    True Janie!  Stainless steel has a pretty good shelf life
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