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Hello Folks,  I`ve stumbled onto a gadget using technology that`s been evolving by the week lately, making earlier versions obsolete.  Six months ago these gadgets cost $150.00, now $30.00 because the technology has taken such a big leap.   I can purchase the latest, retail about $70.00 delivered, and ethically sell for $180.00.   It can be sold as an automobile accessory; a hobby shop item, an indoor or outdoor sports accessory.   I can put together a display with my background in advertising and believe a hands on sample would make it irresistable, since no one has seen one or even knew they existed. My question is, do I go retail, one store at a time to see if they fly off the shelf as I think they will, or pitch the product to any number of large chain stores?  Put another way, do chain stores provide a taste per item if it develops into the next big thing?  elkriverscott4/1/2009 12:20 AM


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