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    njwoodsnjwoods subscriber Posts: 0
    Well overall it seems to be unfinished at this point? I clicked on the web design and development button and it seemed to take me away from the main site, and the other 2 buttons led me to nothing at all.
    The other thing that I would point out is there is too much "white space", the background is all white and so is the page background----a bit glaring on the eyes. Personally I also find the gray text hard to read, I prefer the black text on white. I see that it may be a trend at this time, but it is a personal thing for me. I do like the general look of the site and I will check out some of the other links too.
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    KashkaKashka subscriber Posts: 0
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    textmarketingexperttextmarketingexpert subscriber Posts: 5
    Thank you very much for your input. Can you copy and paste the broken link(s) you found?
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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    The talking model is annoying to me .... and in Firefox, depending on the width of my browser, covers up the Joomla information.
    On your "online marketing" page, the links on the left all are linked to the current page .... one of the links is for SEO, which I think you need to work on for this site .... many of the basics are missing that would be beneficial.
    Some pages seem out of kilter .... a few have links on the left, a few don`t, and when going from one to another it doesn`t seem to "flow", if that makes sense .... maybe I`m just being picky ....
    All in all it`s ok, but it doesn`t really grab me and make me think that it stands out from any other design company.
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    textmarketingexperttextmarketingexpert subscriber Posts: 5
    Thanks a million!!!
    I want my site to meet the highest standards so be as picky as possible.
    I will make corrections based on your testing.
    Thank you again.
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