Real Estate Seminars

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The owner of the company I work for asked if I would be interested in helping him market and organize lectures he would give for individuals wanting to  invest in real estate.
He said I could make money too. Of course I said hell yes ! 
It`s been several years since he`s given such lectures and has 35 yrs experience in this business. He`s been very successful but many things have changed like the credit crunch, and bank`s requirements for investors wanting to `flip` or buy houses to rent. We are stuggling and trying to ride out this downturn.
Problem is, I don`t know where to start. He wants to give lectures at hotels. I have several questions if anyone has experience in this business.
Is it possible to get Sponsers to pay for all or some of hotel space/ advertising ?
What`s the best ways to advertise ?  Newspaper, radio, flyers, etc.
I was also thinking of setting up a website and podcast if lectures go well. I could record them for future use.
Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
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