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Work with Residential Builders

ghsfireguardghsfireguard subscriber Posts: 1
I have created a new company that I believe will do outstanding in the building industry and I`m looking for some ideas market to the builders themselves. This will mostly be door to door and letters to offices, that kind of thing. I`m just trying to get some fresh ideas maybe even from different industries. Thank you.
The business itself is total fireblocking and firestopping solutions for the residential builder. Something every home needs to reduce the spread of flames in case of a home fire.


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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    We`re neighbors  - I see you`re in Woodstock.
    As we both know, the building boom in the metro ATL market is still hot. You only mention residential - does your product/service cover multi-family type units like high-rise condos and townhomes, etc.?
    I see you making a lot of calls on builders and developing relationships with them so they will allow some testing of your product/service. I see this as possibly an added-value option during the construction process. But who would not choose the option? I read your website and I don`t know if I totally understand. Appears what you do is required in building codes. Is this true? If so, what is your unique selling proposition?
    What about insurance premium deductions? Is there any if I have my home constructed using these fire suppresssion methods?
    Share a little more info. I imagine most of us on the SuN don`t totally understand what you do or offer.
    Thanks - R@keycon2006-9-10 22:52:42
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    ethanonwebethanonweb subscriber Posts: 0
    For best best work garage builders michigan is very famous in detroit from 50 years .
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    ethanonwebethanonweb subscriber Posts: 0
    Indiana Garage Builders - garage design and custom build garages. Grand Garages and Storage Sheds. Serving Ohio for 20 years.s
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