need your opinion for my cute site

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Hi,there,this is Vivian Chen from China.
I have a very very cute website as scooter wholesaler.
But no one view it as of now.I need your opinion let me know what is it maybe causing this situation.
Many thanks</A>
scootil2006-11-16 2:46:20


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    I like the style and design of of the site.  But there are some problems with the site. I have a few suggestions here. First, correct the grammar mistakes in your text.  If you want customers, you need advertise your site and have people come.  Visitors  don`t just magically show up.  Since you are selling scooters, you need to reach the retailers of scooters in your target market.  (also you need to know about the import/export regulations, tariff and quotas the whole deal)  It would be useful if you stated the import process on the website too.  This way a retailer from the US who never done direct import before, might be interested. 
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    post the import process,i think it`s a great idea.
    thanks a lot.
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    Hi - I noticed right away that there was no "introduction". The page I went to just went to the "product" right away. I`m no expert - but I would like to get to know your company first before I made a purchase decision.
    It is a VERY CUTE site though! I an emailing you to suggest some changes for the grammar.
    Good luck!
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    Thanks for all above:Kate and Craig.
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