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I Won a photography driven blog! What should I ask for?

lovehappenslovehappens subscriber Posts: 3
Ok I have a blog that pains me to keep up because I am not happy with it. [url=Http://www.lovesimplyhappens.blogspot.com]Http://www.lovesimplyhappens.blogspot.com[/url]
While at a photography conference I dropped my name in a hat (I didn`t even know what it was for) and ended up winning a free blog which is now being built. They had me answer a ton of questions and also aske dme t send them my branding and logo ( I don`t have that yet).
I was able to tell them I want photos on the banner, video capability. interactive capability, snazzy design ..
Anything else you experienced bloggers might know about that I as a photographer may want to ask for?
I am thinking of adding a mix of pics from my journalism http://www.borkgren.com
and my wedding pics http://www.lovesimplyhappens.com
because today so many couples Want photojournalism at their weddings and they are mistakenly hiring people who say"we shoot in a photojournalism style" leading the couple to believe they are getting a photojournalist.   Sorry this got long. Would love feedback. would love to hear of any particular pics you think should be in the banner from these sites.


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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    The blog platform you use, and where it is hosted, may cause some limitations with what you can have included in it. For example, if you set up a Wordpress blog at Wordpress, some add ons are not allowed, where if you set up a Wordpress blog on your own server space, you can pretty much add anything thats available for it.
    For photography, definitely check into image galleries for your blog, a theme revolving around what you do, and maybe have customer referral and other custom pages set up.
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    ImagingBuffetImagingBuffet subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Sherrlyn:
    You already have two nice websites, so you might want the blog to just be an extension of borkgren.com or your wedding site. They should be able to install it so that it looks like this: borkgren.com/blog. I would make sure that you can upload videos and audio.
    If you use Wordpress, that`s easy to do, and this plug-in makes dropping in video easy: http://www.viper007bond.com/wordpress-p ... quicktags/
    You can do short posts on your blog and then link to other stories on your site.
    Best of luck!
    Andrew DarlowImagingBuffet5/20/2008 9:32 PM
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    lovehappenslovehappens subscriber Posts: 3
    I actually won a blog from flosites so there are not many limitations at all. They do awesome work. They use their own setup as far as I can tell  not wordpress or any of those. You can see them at flosites.com. They are doing the complete setup for my new blog.  They are waiting on me to give them more infor, pictures etc.
    I`m just having a hard time deciding on which to give them for the design, what backgrounds I want and what colors I want. I don`t really have any branding done so that makes it harder.
    One of the things I asked for is a a`la carte package so the couples can create their own wedding package with whatever they want to add or subtract like if they want a 14x16 wedding book included in the price or they want to deduct that.
    Thanks you guys.
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    Ziyapathan0143Ziyapathan0143 subscriber Posts: 150 Silver Level Member
    The blog stage you utilize, and where it is facilitated, may bring about a few confinements with what you can have incorporated into it. For instance, in the event that you set up a Wordpress blog at Wordpress, some additional items are not permitted, where on the off chance that you set up a Wordpress blog all alone server space, you can basically include anything that is accessible for it. For photography, unquestionably register with picture exhibitions for your blog, a subject rotating around what you do, and perhaps have client referral and other custom pages set up.
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