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1st site is mine...underconstruction...please critque home page. and my original graphics..

2nd... Please review the website I did for my current employer...includes mostly graphics I created.
3rd. Just  getting into animation  see my animated video "Obama`s Political Economy" on my utube site at:   or

getting into political cartoons..wonder if I can attract people to the picturemyheart personalized gift site with them...or just start my own cartoon animation site... any comments/advise?


  • menexismenexis subscriber Posts: 1
    For the site, I think you are focusing too much on SEO instead of designing the site for aesthetics for the viewer. Other than that it a site it is easy to navigate and usability is good. I would have had all the pages using the sample temple b/c it looks like you are on a different site when you click on the links
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    First site, I agree with the above comment about a template ..... plus you`re using IFrames, and the coding is terrible.
    Second site looks much nicer, but still IFrames,  and still terrible code.
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    I like the 2nd website than the first one. looks very professional and clean. I`m kinda disappointed with picturemyheart. I was actually expecting the site to be more artsy2x since it is all about art. Maybe make another montage and compare it with the current one, I don`t know but it does not appeal to me that much.
  • sbaslysbasly subscriber Posts: 3
    yep...Craig it is I... still trying to stay afloat in indiana.  At least for now,I have a job.
    Steve B.
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