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Elevator Pitch - what do you think??

sagebgreenenergysagebgreenenergy subscriber Posts: 2
edited April 2007 in Elevator Pitches
Utility bills are going up!!  Sage B Green can help to save money on your utility bills.  We inspect your house and develop strategies to make your house more energy efficient; saving you money on utility bills, making your house more comfortable, cleaner and more greener.  Quick pitch:Sage B Green will save you money on your utility bills, make your house more comfortable and cleaner. 


  • sagebgreenenergysagebgreenenergy subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the suggestions, I love feedback.  Sage B stands for Sustainable Authority on Green Energy and Buildings.  Most of the names I wanted were already taken for web addresses, and we did a full exercise on name development and even did a poll, and this one was chosen from the list.  Any suggestions are welcome.I wrote another pitch last night:There`s money flying out of your house, we`ll catch it and put it back into your wallet!  We`ll inspect your house and develop strategies to make your house more energy efficient, saving money on utility bills, making your house more comfortable, and cleaner.  Most houses are "leaky", and through these proven techniques, we can reduce the flow of heated or cooled air out of your house of office.  We are an Energy Star Partner, and a licensed builder.  We want to save you money off your utility bills, we are the Sustainable Authority on Green Energy and Buildings - SAGE B.  I like the visual that creates.  What do you think??
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    As counter point ... isn`t a drafty house better? I`m not sure I want to live in a hermetically sealed house. [I live in an old farmhouse.] Aren`t there easier ways to go green? I already buy fancy expensive lightbulbs. Just a thought.
    Anyway, focus on the money angle. Don`t talk so much.
  • sagebgreenenergysagebgreenenergy subscriber Posts: 2
    Energy generation is the largest industrial polluter of greenhouse gases, and soon to be in crisis mode if we don`t either conserve energy or build more coal fire plants.  I personally don`t want any more coal fired plants in this world.  30-50% of the heat and cooling generated in a house never makes it into the spaces you want it to.  Think how much money it would add to your wallet if you could reduce your utility bills by 30%.  (especially fun in an old farmhouse!!!)  But if there are no walls and floors, nothin to insualate - simple fix!!!  lolThen you`d have an extra $100 a month or so to spend on green products.  Win/WinIt`s not the easiest method to go green, but what a huge impact in the scheme of things!!  fyi, old houses could never be hermetically sealed unless we tore down all the walls and started over, and the stuff into the landfills.....no way.  Old houses will always breathe enough.  I`ll try using drafty....................
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Laughs, That was funny. I would actually like to live in a box house. Just a box shaped building with minimal stuff. Though hard to get more minimal than the "decor" in my current house.
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