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Promoting a Seminar

sagebgreenenergysagebgreenenergy subscriber Posts: 2
edited May 2007 in Marketing
My business offering requires education up front for individuals to understand the value we bring.  I`ve developed a seminar that is about 1 hour long which explains how they can benefit.  It`s very informative, and not much of a sales pitch - more of an education.How can I best promote this so I can get decent turnout?  What are the better days to do seminars?  Do newspapers and radios do community announcements or calendars, and would I be unable to do it because I am a commercial business?  Any advice is appreciated?  Thank you!


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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    To be honest, I`ve been to lots of seminars and there is no specific
    day or time. What I have noticed though is that Wednesday`s is usually
    a good day since most people want to be away from the office as much as
    Mondays are too hectic, Tuesdays are "I caught up with all my work",
    and Wednesday`s is Hump Day, so I would try something on Weds.
    Thursdays is a good day also.
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    sagebgreenenergysagebgreenenergy subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the information.I have prepared a contact for utility companies regarding high bill compaintants, they are a great source of potential business.  I`m also gearing up to become a women owned certified busienss which should give me a leg up at the utiltiies.  The seminar is informative on what is our impending energy shortage, and methods for people to save energy including a home energy audit.  Not too fascinating, but when people hear about the potential bottom line savings, they usually perk up.
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    sagebgreenenergysagebgreenenergy subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you Life Transcender.  I love your logo - won`t be denied.  i signed up for your free report........can`t wait. I`ll research press releases, it seems like a good way.I`ve prepared a couple of columns for local newspapers, I`m trying to get them into the paper now.  Thanks!
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