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stevesteve Posts: 14subscriber
Hello to all SE Michigan StartupNation community members. I was
thinking it would be great to get together, meet in person and get to
know each other better. I ran the idea past Rich and Jeff.

Rich suggested Tuesday evening March 20th. Once we know how many to
expect we can select a location. I was thinking we could meet for
dinner. There are plenty of restaurants along Woodward. Early in the
week is usually slow for restaurants. Maybe we can find a place that
will let us have a room for a good sized group.

Anybody interested? Also, any suggestions of where to meet?

Steve2007-3-5 11:41:52


  • NuevolutionNuevolution Posts: 30subscriber Bronze Level Member
    What about hosting one in Las Vegas for the whole community? It would be great to see how many people show up. Lets call it the SUN conference and offer some sord of award like the Latino Business Association. They meet every year here in California and they give out prices and awards to people that contribute to the community.. I think it would be a good ground breaker... you can  have guest speakers and dinner...
    Plus give everyone a change to offer their services and network... it would be more like a Small Business Convention... 200 bucks to put your stand and display and then make it an all day event. Nuevolution2007-3-6 3:40:0
  • stevesteve Posts: 14subscriber
    Edgar, I think that`s a great idea. I`ve heard talk of something along
    those lines. Online community is good, but there is so much more that
    can be gained by actually meeting people.
  • TheBackupManTheBackupMan Posts: 0subscriber
    I would love to be there.  I have to see what my schedule will allow, but how about the Border`s Books on Woodward south of Maple?
  • stevesteve Posts: 14subscriber
    Steve, I`m there!! Tuesday March 20. Where should we
    meet?You`re quite the pizza connoisseur, no? Any places you`d
  • stevesteve Posts: 14subscriber about the Border`s Books on Woodward south of
    Maple?I don`t know... we might be a litle too loud for a
  • TheBackupManTheBackupMan Posts: 0subscriber
    I hadn`t thought about the noise level! LOL!
  • NuevolutionNuevolution Posts: 30subscriber Bronze Level Member
    I think that the community has grown so much that I can`t even keep track of the new people. Before It was so easy to know who was posting and it felt like a small family. Now I am overwhelmed with all the new subscribers I see new subscribers every day. I think it`s time that SUN does something cool where everyone gets to meet and network.
  • stevesteve Posts: 14subscriber
    The American Diabetes Association used to hold meetings
    at Borders.  There was no problem r/t the noise level. 
    After all, it`s not a library.
    JackieJackieO (love that name) will you be able to join us?

    I`ll post a poll on Monday where people can indicate that they plan to come and vote for where they want to meet.

    Joel and I have a tradition that our meetings involve food. OK,
    we`ve only had one meeting so far, but it involved food. A tradition
    has to start somewhere, right? Anyway,
    being in the food business I consider it market research to try a great
    pizza every chance I get. I know the most important thing is the people
    we`ll be meeting with, but I enjoy good food too.
  • digitalvision313digitalvision313 Posts: 3subscriber
    Unless it somehow runs after 9p, I can`t make it as much as I`d like to go, we`re podcasting an event at the Ann Arbor IT Zone.  However, if there is a way I can sneak in late or catch you next time, I will
  • CharlesISOCharlesISO Posts: 0subscriber
    What a great idea, I will be there... Just let me know where and whenCharles Georg
  • BettyBrigadeBettyBrigade Posts: 0subscriber
    I can`t make it this time, but would love to attend.
  • DetroitMuscleDetroitMuscle Posts: 0subscriber
    I`d like to attend but work a day job and would be able to make it to Borders (if that becomes the spot) till 7-8ish.
    I have a year and a half old start up thats GROWING but still need the day job to cover the mortgage. Could really use some insight from others who made the transition.
    Jim Fillmore
  • MichiganDebMichiganDeb Posts: 0subscriber
    I would like to come meet everyone....I am not familar with Woodward, so am useless with suggestions as to where. I am a `burbs girl....but pizza is always good.
    Just keep me in the loop. I have classes all day the 20th, but should be available in the evening.
    ( :
  • cpurolacpurola Posts: 0subscriber
    I`d Love to meet with you all! I`m in the process of ramping up my business and could use all the advice I can get. Is Birmingham central to everyone, or would Novi be acceptable?
  • JoetheRoadWarriorJoetheRoadWarrior Posts: 2subscriber
    Hi to my many SUN friends and colleagues,
    Born and raised in the City of Pontiac (MI) - born in St. Joseph`s Hospital on Woodward Ave many, many years ago, I can find anywhere you want locally and I will MAKE myself available. Anyone want to discuss the Global Marketplace?
    I just have to relay this info to all: It is an honor for me to have been selected as a Presenter at this year`s Spring Conference of the IEEE-SE Michigan Chapter in Dearborn, MI. with my presentation entitled: "Telecommunications Global Engineering: What`s Out There For ME?"
    See you on the 20th with great anticipation. Have a great and successful week.
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