A Florist in the Restaurant List?

stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
I just looked on Yahoo for a hotel where a colleague will be staying
next week. Because he has Celiac Disease, which my wife also has, my
manager thought I`d be able to advise him on where to eat. After
finding the hotel in Yahoo, I clicked on the link to see nearby
restaurants. The very first sponsored listing was the 800 number for a
florist! I had to look twice to make sure I hadn`t clicked the wrong

It`s bad enough that I had to wade through 6 pages of sponsored
businesses, the farthest of which was 272 miles away, before I got to
the actual list of nearby restaurants. But now there are totally
unrelated businesses in the sponsored list. I assume they paid to be
there, on the off chance that I would remember someone to whom I needed
to send flowers.

Am I missing something? Those who know and understand marketing,
especially online, what was the point of a florist being in the
restaurant list?


  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Steve, I also hate that type of situation. I have found local.com to be a great resource for smaller (some large too) businesses. I have made purchases of services and products by finding them on local.com.I can`t wait until Egaroo.com is larger. (that`s someone from SUN - black2006).
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