Funding for downpayment instead of VC?

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Is it realistic to think i could get enough gov`t funding (or other funding) to start a business (or at least make the 10% down for a loan)?
I`m in the process of creating my business plan for a cafe. the startup would be $225,000-$250,000. I realize there are funds out there for women-owned businesses but what i`m seeing are mostly loans. I`m hoping for some gov`t subsidies to at least foot the down payment. Am i dreaming?
Do VC`s look at women in the same light?sely2007-5-14 16:57:6


  • robertjrobertj Tampa Bay, Floridasubscriber Posts: 0 Member
    The issue with the VC world isn`t gender related. Generally speaking, Venture capital firms, are not too excited about the restaurant business  for several reasons.
    However, you may be able to bring in some private equity capital -if you prepare properly and have an offer that is attractive.
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    From what I`ve heard and researched, unless you have a really original idea or something to do with advancing technology, the government isn`t too hip about giving out grants / free money.
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