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Volusion and google checkout UK problem

sbuckinghamssbuckinghams subscriber Posts: 9
Having research and used trials of Volusion, ashopcommerce, corecommerce, x-cart, etc etc i found volusion the best and very powerful.
Their website categorically states that their latest software V5 supports google checkout UK,


and a number of times on a few other pages
But http://store.volusion.com/kb_results.asp?ID=133 says google checout is for US based stores/ customers only.
Ive contacted the company twice and every time ive been told that its a mistake and they DONT support google checkout UK.
This has made me question the credability of the company, why have they not taken it off? are there any other features that they boast about but dont work??
Any volusion users here??


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    AStyleAStyle subscriber Posts: 0

    Yes! I`m using damned Volusion and yes, it was mis-sold to me on the basis of google checkout use. I checked several times during discussions prior to purchase and was told that wherever I had read it wasn`t compatible for UK businesses, it was wrong. Sure enough, come end of bespoke design, asked about integrating Google Checkout and was told it was not available. Furious! (An understatement)
    - Quoted 3 weeks for a bespoke design job and taking 7 weeks and the `bespke design` basically involved me leading the designer by the hand and coming up with all ideas, designs, logo`s etc.
    - Never replying to tickets/emails/calls during set-up. Currently on day two of a wait to two urgent queries.
    - Mis-selling me the product. Without masses of assistance from TWO
    very technical IT consultants who could code, I would never have got the site
    So in short, that was back in October and I was almost over that.  But now I find out
    from Worldpay that Volusion doesn`t support the Secure Code system now
    demanded by Maestro. Is there anyway round this?
    Or do I have to stop accepting Maestro cards?
    Also, have any UK users of Volusion found a way to use googlecheckout? I hear there may be a very technical way?
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