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The Code Bakery, a news site for web developers

samtcbsamtcb subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2011 in Website Critique

I'm looking for some feedback for a web development news site I've put together.It's not finished yet and needs more tweaking and bug fixes.
Any feedback be it bad or good is welcomed.
Personally I find it hard to keep up with what's new with web development, js libraries, frameworks etc... so I use this site myself.
The goal of the site is to get the most popular web development articles in one place. At the moment there aren't really any web sites that do this for development - plenty for design though!
I want to keep the site focused, I don't want information about the latest iphone unboxing on the front page. What interests me normally ends up on the front page, things like Facebook, design, mobiles end up strictly (i hope) in their relevant categories away from development news.
The web site is pretty much automated. It feeds in hundreds of RSS feeds from around the web, filters, rates, categorises and other magic! It doesn't require a community to run so the web site should keep pretty active unless my scripts break!
Design of the site is simple, this site is about content and keeping it quick and easy.

What would you like to see?
What do you think is missing?
What's bad? What don't you like?



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    IberoMediaIberoMedia subscriber Posts: 0
    As you said, the site is simple, filled with helpful information.
    I would not know what to suggest on adding, whenver I want to find out infomraiton, I search end find what I need over the nitiernet at large.

    Perhaps one feed that shows video content? ON the side? I prefer to learn through video, so that may be an eye catcher
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