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No More Marketing!

SamGoodmanSamGoodman subscriber Posts: 3
edited January 2009 in Home-Based Businesses
That`s right. No more marketing.
For those of you who provide a service, I`ve got news for you; we`re going back to the age of the guild.  Back when your reputation was the only marketing a person ever needed.
It`s coming. Well, it`s actually here, but just not `big` yet.
Forget the whole Buyer Beware (caveat emptor) business model, fast talkers are in trouble. For those who truly Get Stuff Done, they will soon be able to be recognized and reward based on their proven merit.
I for one, can`t wait.
Please list out some sites you know about that promote this merit-based value
Sam GoodmanMe-2-B
People you can count on


  • SamGoodmanSamGoodman subscriber Posts: 3
    Hey Kristine,
    Invasive Sales - Bad
    Effective Marketing - Good.
    I believe that the search experience will become smarter, deeper and experience richer.
    So when I said `no more` marketing, I mean daily, active marketing will significantly decrease once a talented person has earned a solid reputation.
    Thanks for being part of the conversation.
    be good
    be safe
    Sam GoodmanMe-2-B
    People you can count on
  • WayneLiewWayneLiew subscriber Posts: 3
    Sales and marketing is changing.
    One thing for me to add though. One should realize that although newspaper and television advertisements are considered as invasive marketing nowadays, we must keep in mind that these ads are often very important for branding purposes.
    Yes, people might not pick up the phone or visit your site by just visiting watching a TV ad but they will somehow remember your brand if you appear in front of their eyeballs frequently. Well, when is the last time you turn off the TV while your show pauses for a commercial?
  • SamGoodmanSamGoodman subscriber Posts: 3
    Craig, I do not think the reputation based marketing will be limited to Buy Local.
    If anything I think the transparency will only flatten the world that much more.
    Depending on the need I have and therefore the service I am looking for, I for one do not care where the person is, so long as they can Get the Stuff Done.
    I see this movement starting less with the corporations and more with the talented individuals be they freelancer or small businesses.  A smarter Yellow Pages. 
  • gsamadgsamad subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    I`m afraid that there is a pervasive misconception that you can build a successful business by word-of-mouth only.  Actually, in my experience, word-of-mouth and reputation only helps you sustain your business with repeat customers *AFTER* you have already built a successful business through effective sales and marketing.
    So I absolutely agree that building a reputation for high quality is important.  I don`t think that you will be able to build this reputation, though, without first reaching customers through some type of direct sales process, such as buying Google Adwords, direct mail, etc.
  • SamGoodmanSamGoodman subscriber Posts: 3
    Hey Gary.
    I agree with what you are saying in today`s world.
    Soon the transparency of a person`s reputation will be responsible for bringing in new clients.
    Just think of it as a `search with depth`.
    When someone goes to search for a service provider, be it google, the yellow pages or craig`s list, there is no depth to the information found. You can see what the person does, but not how well they do it.
    Well, if you could see the various service provider`s SP) reputation, then that depth of information would be extremely valuable in taking the next steps.
    If I know SP1 has 25 transactions with 10 different client s and 30% repeat customers vs SP2`s 5 transactions with 1 client, well then that tells me a lot.
    If there are additional `metrics` like creativity, integrity, problem solving, organization etc, that gives further depth to my search and enables me to `know before I go`.
    I see the above scenario being the future and that is what I mean by no more marketing.
    But yes, for the unproven SP, they are definitely still going to have to do some marketing to get their reputation ball rolling.
  • daleyfla99daleyfla99 subscriber Posts: 1
    Stop marketing and your business DIES.  So be orderly, decide to close the business and stop marketing.
    Otherwise, decide how you will tell people about your business and how you can help them and get on with it.  Local search is the key, get into the top of the Google rankings for a search locally on your keywords and business will roll in.
    Cheap marketing, use promo products, call me for a quote from one of my clients.  Another cheap marketing idea, go to local networking meetings and groups.  Also join your chamber. 561/212-8479.
  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    personally, marketing in tough times is when i have seen the best results for my business.....results which are long term and pay off even more when times become better. others are reluctant (cost saving issues, low moral issues). but this is certainly not the time to do nothing....
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