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myStartUp - Help Wanted!! Lets talk business ideas....

misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
edited June 2006 in Selecting a Business
My name is Mr. Wicks2006 on this site(not my real name, but I will add additional info. later in my profile page) and my business needs your help! No experience is required to participate, here! Don`t expect perfect english or formal business entries in this talk.
I am look for some help starting my business from the kitchen table and I don`t know whether this will work. No Guarantees. Please help me start my business - won`t you?
O.k. I think you got it, we are starting with a skeleton startup and minimal cash on hand(about $100).
First Issue of the day: A business is not depended on - race, gender, age, sexual orientation, big cash reserves, formal education, past business experience, physical body characteristics, physical location, or dress. So lets remove these business barriers from our minds.
Do you agree that businesses have been started with and without these attributes? (please remember we are starting a real biz from the kitchen table - I need your responses to this issue and future problems! thanks.)


  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    O.k. I am glad that someone is on the ball and gave some proof about conditions. Actually, i do have a computer here that i bought at public auction for $25(IBM - PENTIUM2). and the monitor was a second hand gift. Dial-up is free! but i have the compression dial-up at $14. per month.
    I believe what `Scrapbiz` is saying - all we really need is some BRAINS!! alias: Human system or Imagination!! and this website gives us a chance to stretch ours. Question: Do you believe some people have more capability than others in business? (natural capability - how do I know that i am ready for a business objective?) Please help!
  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    Dear Folks,
    What i really like is how quick people are to assist an aspiring artist(i mean that in a positive way - not con artist!). Also, i have made some postings on others thread, too! I see that someone has rated me low (2 - score) but i understand that i am new here!!
    Back-to-business: I successfully sold on eBaY from the kitchen table, therefore, I believe that it would be a good place to startup. In fact, you can search your homes for a few items to sell online and get good results(from eBaY). The money from the items sold could be used as startup capital for a new kitchen-table-venture(this is what i plan to do!). The downside with eBaY is that it takes a lot of commitment to be a Powerseller(lots of emails, etc.).
    Does anyone have any advice on eBaY, or selling merchandise online(Amazon, etc.)? Do you think that selling others items at commision would be a good business idea for my kitchen table theory(boats,cars etc.)? Or am I acting smarter by leveraging the money into another online operation? I am excited about starting a business at home - can you share some thoughts?? Thanks.
  • TheDoctorTheDoctor subscriber Posts: 0
     I only wish I had the business insight you and your husband share. I`m a  technology innovator. Don`t have any business experience other than spending money to buy on-line `marketing systems` (all outflow and no inflow).
     When I read your mention of the `Ink Jet Printer` I felt yet another pang in the gut. I designed the print head they use while working under contract to a VERY large computer company back in 1989. The director of the printer division was thrilled because it would provide higher resolution images than the old `dot matrix` rod and tape printers. Silly me. If only I`d had a contact like you back then - we might`ve gotten rich off that design.
     Bye; Larry
  • keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    Mr. Wicks,
    Based on your comments in this post, it sounds to me as if you are not quite sure what business you wish to start. There are some great articles available here at SuN you should read. Could help you clear up some of your questions in your own mind.
    6 Steps to Choosing the Right Business
    That`s just one good article. Review all here:
    http://www.startupnation.com/pages/arti ... ticles.asp</A>
  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    O.k. Responses -
    `ExecutekSearch` brought up an important point that some people are more naturally gifted than others in biz. We see examples of leadership that works better than others. To what point their naturally gifted ability helped is hard to measure. Did you know that Albert Einstien, Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs all started their careers working in dead-end jobs.
    `The Doctor(above) might be responding to another link, other than what`s posted here!!
    `KeyCon` suggest that I tap the resources found on this site. I am really glad that he didn`t tell me to follow a list of suggestions(like: 100 Businesses you can start from Home Article). Yes, I do have an idea for a business,here! However, just like those examples found in Entreprenuer magazine - they don`t always make the grade!!
    As-far-as chasing my passion - that`s a hard thing because our personal interest doesn`t always have a Golden-outcome. I think a better approach is to evaluate an idea that`s based on our personal needs(eg. I need a new car - How much money could I make a week to satisfy that desire, so that I don`t have to go flip burgers at nights to pay for it?)
    Personally, I believe unless I am willing to earn two thousand dollars gross weekly - what`s the sense of working for myself?
    When I talked about eBaY - its either `Powerseller` or just supplement money for investment purposes.
    Here`s a list of biz ideas for kitchen table:1. Profit consultant 2. eBaY Sales 3. Manipulate web resources(newsletter, websites, how-to)
    Do you have any good ideas for great wealth? By the way, I believe that a home-based entreprenuer would be prudent to steal good ideas, because clues are all around us. Can you queue us in?? Thanks.
  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    the idea called profit consultant was picked-up while visiting a local bookseller. His father sold books from a barn and the son has taken the biz over by selling the books online (in addition to the barn retail sales). He invited me to his barn store when I responded to an old style ad. that was in newspaper -saying that they were searching for profit advisor. and they used the response kind of marketing of long draft with big headline, too! I was a real sucker for those ads. because I believed that the rest of the world is negatively driven(most jobs are - right?). I spent three days with him by advising them on all aspects of biz. He and his wife played - good guy and bad guy routine(I am sorry to this website for my gut statements, here!). Truth. Anyway, this man kind-of was my Andrew Carnegie fellow in giving me three days and an idea to boot. Why not become a profit consultant? Let me give you a suggestion - if you focus on problems in the biz - you are building culture and training automatically. and i don`t mean that you should keep reminding yourself of the problems - just be aware of the challenge(problem) and look for solutions. Being a profit consultant is the same thing but you do it for profit - and let me add to that - you don`t get paid until your client makes money(this was part to the book sellers philosphy, that I should NOT be paid unless they make more money).
    hope that answers the question. just one quick warning - dont go advising people unless you are able to stomach the legal ends. Any other ideas?
  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
     GoodMorning Entreprenuers - Its Friday!!
    How many of you put hours in beyond the required? Do you work Saturdays and Sundays??
    Hey, i got a brainstorm this morning while drinking coffee. By the way did you see the Wall Street Journal yesterday? Go Porsche!! No. 1 by J.D. Powers (and Lexis dropped to level II)
    Do you believe that G.M. will improve and become a turn-around success as Chrysler did? why or why not?
    Back to my brainstorming - I had an idea this morning to offer `personalize content` on the web for profit. It`s a crosses between `how-to` and `blogging` - do you think that people would want me to perform personalized information brokerage service for them?
    I guess I would have to straighten out my English - and try to get people to like me more, too!! I see my score on this Startup Nation site is a bit low despite my good intensions.
    So what do you think? Help for profits? Like an information broker but there would be information from a perspective(s).
    Some of you might be wondering why speak about my ideabecause others would view it here - and steal!! But, look at `blogs` and how they took off because it become Industry de-facto standard.
    What would you call someone who pushes personalized content throught the web? any suggestions?
    I notice there are a lot of schemes on the internet: homebased signups, get paid for taking survey(s), cheap `how-tos` but they want big money for signups.I got 20 ebooks for a penny on the net and BE WARNED!! People throw them together without doing research that would warrant college level performance in rewrite.
    How would someone win consumer confidence on the internet when introducing a revolutionary biz idea?
    How are you doing today? Ready for a Porsche in your portfolio? Any thoughts on eBaY? Thanks.
  • AmITheOnlyOneAmITheOnlyOne subscriber Posts: 0
    The kitchen table, or garage are great place to start a business. Be sure to create a business plan! But one type of business NOT to consider is the current ebay drop off stores, and the franchises.  Check our webpage to see why.  www.AmITheOnlyOne.org</A> 
  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    yep, i think the person whom is the founder ofa franchise(any) will stand a better chance at success.
  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    my idea is to sit at the kitchen table with paperand pen /and through brain power - create wealth.
    (I fully understand - that all the knowledge, money andimagination I would need is found here - in America!)
    sell my ideas, and don`t forget the scissors, too!
  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    What should a inspiring entreprenuer need out ofplanning(i have no fleet trucks,employees,largemarketing programs, organized effort etc.etc.) ?
  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    no I was asking(please) what good are PLANS for someone without clear assets - a micro startup doesnot have the balls to wing.
    rewrite is hard, I have relative whom does....hard stuff!!
    as you can see from my score #, I`ve been banged aroundand offending msg. aren`t a problem.
    so...why plan?
  • EricEric subscriber Posts: 8
    Ok that`s it. Where is the camera? Is this the internet forum version of candid camera? Mr Funt where are you? I`ve pegged you! What do I win?
    Charlie Brown said it best......"Good Grief!"
  • misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    I don`t disagree,but, survey says:
    "how many of you created formalizedbusiness plans before you Started your business?"
    please respond below
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Ha ha ha. I created a business plan for a graphic design biz. Then I thought... I would rather travel and have the life-style of a peddler. I also thought I wanted to peddle items that didn`t impact the earth as much. I also enjoy the arts of other cultures... Elusive Treasures was born!!! (With a little suggesting from the wife.)All in all, I thought about the questions in my first, nearly completed, business plans. But I never wrote them for elusivetreasures.com. I have thought about writing it and keeping it up to date. Just to have available for the person that says, "Well, do you have a business plan I can look at?"But no... I didn`t write a biz plan. What did I learn from that? I learned had I of writen a biz plan, I may not have the guts to start this one. It cost about 8K more than I thought. And it has also been much more dificult to find quality earthborn & handmade items.But I push onward.
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