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  • kaa1kaa1 Posts: 6subscriber
    Hi Just had look at your site, I think the products your selling is good and things some people would love to have. However your template your using is not doing you any justice. I think if you get a template which is much lighter in colour (keep it simple)this means your products will stand out more, which what your audience want to see.
  • olliepureolliepure Posts: 3subscriber
    I totally agree.  The changes are almost complete thanks to the visionaries.  and the infamous CraigL.  With all the sound information SuN has given... I truly anticipate growth and that on a perpetual basis.  Thanks SuN!  Small business is fun!
  • WeblineWebline Posts: 13subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Here is an updated version. Not all links are active yet, but a few of the first ones on the left will work.
  • olliepureolliepure Posts: 3subscriber
    Wow!  They call him a webdesigner.  I call it Greatness!!!  The changes and in a short period of time.  Please take a look at the changes.  Your feedback is welcomed as usual.Since NHF has begun to apply the views coming from you business buffs, sleep is sweet.  Thanks!
    olliepure2007-10-4 22:53:23
  • WeblineWebline Posts: 13subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Thanks, Craig. I think that, all in all, Adrian and myself are happy with it. The true test comes when we watch our stats, receive comments from users, and of course the bottom line in business conversions.Any additional input is always welcome from SUN members.
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