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Distribution Plans

MilasMediaMilasMedia subscriber Posts: 5
edited September 2006 in Marketing
I started my printing and design business a couple of months ago. Recently I watched a video on Guy Kawasaki`s blog http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2006/08/sta ... ccess.html
And one of the gentlemen on their - Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder and CEO, LinkedIn said - its not about what your doing - its about your distribution plan.

Today, mostly having local and word of mouth business, I`m questioning my own distribution plan, or lack there of.

The Question is - How do YOU do distribution in your company?

By Distribution, it includes marketing and advertising as well as fulfillment and follow up with your customers.


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    tojealcatojealca subscriber Posts: 5
    I have found that word of mouth is the best (and cheapest) way to do any type of marketing, but it needs to be just part of what you do to market you business.  The other thing you can do is join or start a leads group and the chamber in your area. 
    Beyond that a web presence is a good way to get outside your geographiical location.  For my business that does not matter as I am a service and no one is going to drive from Florida to get their car detailed. (if you want to I am open from 8:00am to 2:00am and a reservation is reccomended. ) But other than that what are you doing now?
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    MilasMediaMilasMedia subscriber Posts: 5
    I appreciate your responses and will be utilizing the leads group.

    Word of mouth only goes so far. To be able to process in excess of 200 jobs a day, I will need some type of sales team to make cold calls and such. I have already drilled it into my head to finish my website. But I am now looking independent sales reps which I saw here on startup nation: http://www.startupnation.com/pages/arti ... g-sales-re ps.asp

    I didn`t even think about this when I first started my business. Anyhow - you need printing?
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    tojealcatojealca subscriber Posts: 5
    I have used independent sales reps before, are you looking for people in just your area or are you looking to expand more than that?
    If you can find some on willing to be a 1099 "employee" that is the best I think.
    And in answer to your last question, I may need some printing done!  I will talk to my wife and see what we need done.  We use Stapes right now (they are very close and we get a good deal), but I am thinking about some direct mail ideas and I may start a newsletter, but I am not sure about that yet.  If I do it will be every quarter or so!
    And yes, I would finish that web site! lol  Would you take a look at my site and let me know what you think?  www.performance-detailing.com
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    MilasMediaMilasMedia subscriber Posts: 5
    I`m looking to expand nationally. I think that this may take some time and some dollars. I have thought about the whole "independent Sales Rep" and I`m thinking of taking someone on as an independent with the possibility of full time, what do you think. I mean, its hard now, because I don`t have the volume that I want, but they would be getting paid a small amount and still mainly be working for commissions. After all, I would be paying them with the money they made me smileys/smiley4.gif

    As far as printing goes, I would love to work with you. Our quality is unparallel and we also do graphic design. you can email me at sales@milasmedia.com and we can talk. Ohh, by the way, I have pricing and packages put together for direct mail if you`re interested. Thanks for your positive input.

    My site will be done soon. Take care.
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    tojealcatojealca subscriber Posts: 5
    So are you looking for people in new markets to "sell" your products and services for you?  For example, say I was looking to work for you, I am in Bend, OR.  What would you want me to do?  And if that is the case, if that is what you are looking for then I think the best way to set that up is as a 1099 "employee", pay a commission only.  You are not here and can not oversee what I do on a daily basis. 
    I want to use "independant" people to market my Performance Speed Pass", I am going to pay them a 100% commission on the first months payment for what ever level of service they sell, now for me that will work, you will need to set up the commission level to fit what you are doing.  For me there will be no residual income for the sales rep, but that may be a way for you to increase business now and in the future to make sure that your reps continue to talk to the customers that they gain for you. 
    At some point you would need to set up an office in the bigger communities that has an actual employee for you that is a "manager" of that site.
    Did you get a chance to check out my site?  I would love some imput as to what I can do better.
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    MilasMediaMilasMedia subscriber Posts: 5
    I am looking for people in any market to sell my products and services. Honestly, I just need the sales volume to increase. Thats what I need done, the details of how I want to do it are not completely ironed out yet. I know I would need people in sales, and honestly I wouldn`t have to "watch over them" if they are a reputable sales rep.

    Here is my idea. If say you are from Oregon, what you would do to start out selling is first send me your resume. I will read it over and find out if its worth a phone call to explain everything. I have a owner/salesperson website all set up that has my pricing structure as well as different selling points to use in my industry and a hot list of items that I would want them to push either for the week or the month. After a salesperson has this down (within a couple of hours - a day tops) then they can begin approaching customers. They should begin approaching people they know first, but its their choice. After they sell their first client, they can then give me the details of the clients needs and I can process the order. Of course they will need down payment (usually 50%). When I deliver the job and they receive the rest of the payment, I will pay them their commission. Does that sound doable cross country? Or should I just focus on the local sales people to e able to sell cross country?

    I looked at your site, Its nice but you should put up some before and after pics. On your links page take out the Add your content here. Finally, I would make specials on the homepage. Little coupon-esque type boxes so that a user will frequent your page. Otherwise there is real no reason for them to come back to you. Also, Start a mailing list that your frequent customers and speedpass owners will be able to see new things you have going on as well as new specials. Finally, do a lot of search engine optimization (making sure your site comes up first in your industry - I can help you with this), maybe even a little punchable business card that they can get a free detail or something every 5 washes. It works, I have a guy up here in jersey that I do those for and he keeps coming back for more and more. Who do you host your website with, I would be glad to host you for as little as $5.95 per month. Let me know on that - I own my own server. Thanks for your input again.
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    wanderfulwanderful subscriber Posts: 0
    I am Chris`s partner.  He is getting help from me since I run vending.  www.wanderfulvending.com</A>
    He knows about w-9  which is needed and then 1099.  Feel free to check out my site as well.
    I pay people $50 per location and I have magnetic banners on my vehicle.
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    tojealcatojealca subscriber Posts: 5
    I am going to be revamping my site soon, I just need the time to do it.  I will also be adding some pics to the site at that time.  My site is hosted by Dex right now, it is part of the "phone book" advertising that we get as soon as that expires, (Jan 07) I will let you know, at the time this site was built I just needed on to get on  the web so I went with them.
    We have a "punch card" that we use now and it does work well. 
    As for your venture, that sounds like a workable plan to me.  The only "drawback" is the oversight, how can you be sure that the people in say Oregon are maketing you the way that you want them to?  Also you would need non-disclosure and no compete clauses in any "employment contract" that you draw up I would think.  Are these poeople going to be your employees?  That would increase your liability a lot, say if someone was driving their own vehicle to meet with a customer and ran over some one, what do that expose you to?  I would consult an attorney for that one!
    Any way, hope that helps and I will check back more often to see what is going on with you.  We will be having some printing needs in the near future, I have to move my shop lost my lease so I will be letting my customers know that, so I will want some help there for sure!  Need to support the people on SUN when I can!
    Take care!
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