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Beware not to be the next victim like me from NPMG

311computer311computer subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2008 in Thought Leadership
I own a small business in Dallas, i make big mistake when i want to sign up tith the caompany name NPMG in Phoenix AZ.
They promise 100.00 saving a month to let them handle credit card processing. When sign up i see the cost of terminal is little high. They said i sign and they will hold it for 3 days. Next day i called and leave 2 message of cancel, no return call.
Couple day later they send me the box and charge my bank 89.00 a month for 5 years, the terminal 350.00 become 5350.00. I call them and tape the conversation, they said they fax the lease to leasing comany name Lease Finance Group LLC in Chicago IL on Arp-20-2006, because they pass 3 days of cancellation. So even i cancel the service, i still have to pay for the terminal for 5 year base on non cancel lease.
I check on the FedEx label it send by Arp-18-2006, so they send the paper on Arp-14-2006, before the 3 days period.
Also they call the leasing company fix the fax to Arp-20-2006 to match with what they claim. But they for get i have the box and the label show ship on Arp-18-2006.
I check online and see many victim like me, i need to get this word out, so please let more small business know how to avoid this problem, they already target many business in DFW area.
I come up with new web site try to organized all business have lost i this scheme, so we can fight back. So if you can help me how to or new idea to save other person fall in this trap.
Thank you
Phu tran


  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    It seems like you were scammed. I hate when companys take advantage of small businesses. I had the same happen to me but with my computer Knowledge and thanks to the banks I was able to track the people down to their front door. It was also a company in phoenix, AZ. I drove out there and came down on them like Flys on you know what. You know you can report them to the Federal Trade commission..
  • 311computer311computer subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for your sharing our story.
    We plan to fight back this company, we need more help from your ideas, information and connection to media outlet.
    We put up a website name fight npmg.com, we have contact email [email protected]</A>. Please send us your idea to help.
    We did file complaint with AZ, and TX General Antorney, we will file with FTC as you suggest.
    We would like you help us to get this messgae to all small business you know to be alert, not falling as victim as us.
    We do not use them a single day, but already suffering from lost, more story can be be found in rpoffreport.com, those victims lost is worse.
    We also will file law suit agaisnt this company by next week. We will list all process of this complaint on our site.
    We would like all of you, please help us to connect with all victims in this scam, we want us to unify to fight back.
    We may win and we may loose, but this is a fight for our principal. If more small hard working business know this scam, they can avoid it, that is our main goal.
    We did email a lot of local newspaper, radio station, TV station, consumers report website, we want all business victimized by this scam become a contribution their story on our site, we can plan to fight back.
    Even if you are not victimized of this scam , please joint in to help us your ideas, information, connection how we can fight back.
    Thank you for your help

  • Phu. I recognize your name from the ripoffreport.com website. I am just trying to spread the word to every blog, website, forum that I can find in regards to both NPMG and Lease Finance Group. I still can`t believe how deceptive and unethical these companies are...
    I was lied to by Diana Moya of NPMG regarding the the terms and conditions of the entire transaction. All of the answers to my questions that I asked her in regards to the cancellation policy and amount that I would pay was a LIE. She lied by omitting the existence, involvement and terms and conditions of the other company ..Lease Finance Group.
    After several phone calls to both companies and with no satisfactory response I decided to write all the BBBs., AGs, FTC..etc. But I received a call from Cody Lazenby of NPMG stating that they would terminate the lease with LFG for me. I requested a written confirmation and I never received one. I then received another bill from LFG stating that we were 2 months overdue. SO NPMG LIED AGAIN. They have failed to return several of my messages.
    As of this date, I am still waiting for reponse from the Attorney General of IL to assist me in terminating the lease with LFG and also waiting for responses from other organizations.
    I received a response from LFG through Chicago IL`s BBB yesterday and they are still maintaining that we are obligated to pay the entire lease even though the lease was obtained fraudulantly and the machine has been returned to LFG.
    I hope this matter is resolved soon as it has been stressing me out every day thinking about this mess!
    Hayward, CAAgainstUnethicalPractices2006-10-4 19:45:18
  • suckersucker subscriber Posts: 0
    NPMG is still scamming people.  I am a victim.NPMG contacted me and I agreed to see their "Senior Account Representative, Eric Gunter to discuss how I might save money on credit card processing services for my business.  After reviewing my credit card processing statements he presented a proposal which he said would save me over a thousand dollars per year if I allowed NPMG to take over my credit card processing services.  That would require a new card processing terminal which would be supplied, as it turned out, by another company, First Data.The proposal seemed good and I told Mr. Gunter that I would seriously consider it.  However I would need to review the contract in detail before making a decision.  He then said that because of his schedule it would be very inconvenient for him to return to my office to get the contract signed, and would I please go ahead and sign now because he would hold the contract for a week to give me time to review it, and if I was not satisfied the contract would be canceled.  I signed.  That night I reviewed the contract and realized that it was nothing that I wanted any part of, so I tried to contact Mr. Gunter by phone the next day.   It proved impossible to reach him.  The phone number on his business card was for the NPMG office in Phoenix, AZ where I left messages requesting he call me.  He never called, so two days later I faxed the contract with signed and dated "void" on every page to NPMG with a note that I did not want to proceed with the contract.  Nevertheless a few days later I received a package containing  a card processing machine.  I refused the package and had the carrier return it to the sender.  Then I found that MPMG had already begun debiting my business checking account!  I immediately called NPMG and spoke with a man there who proceeded to use high pressure sales techniques to try to get me to agree to go ahead with the service.  He would not take no for an answer and  it was impossible to terminate the conversation with him except by hanging up the phone.   I called my bank and placed a stop order on any further debits by NPMG.However my troubles had only just begun.  NPMG then began debiting my checking account using another payee name, Global Pay, and First Data began debiting my account as well ,even though I had never used, and had refused to take delivery of, their equipment.I have been a victim of a scam perpetrated by Mr. Gunter, NPMG, and First Data.   Please beware and tell others about this scam.
    sucker2007-10-4 21:55:49
  • dottiadottia subscriber Posts: 0
    I had the same thing happen to me it was 5000.00 dollar mistake I just paid
    for it today it really hurt. I want to sue them.
  • ruthhruthh subscriber Posts: 0
    I had the same thing happen and I owe them 1700.00. I have registered a complaint with the FTC and the BBB.
  • OracleOracle subscriber Posts: 1
    it sounds like you all should get together and file a law suit.
  • ihannaihanna subscriber Posts: 0
    How Can we all fight as one hand
    is there a drafted  document that can be signed by all victims?
  • hooglehoogle subscriber Posts: 0
    I also am in the midst of a problem with Lease Finance Group LLC, they are scam artists who prey on new small business owners. They were recommended to me by a merchant service credit card company that was supposed to be reputable. I just went back into my file with this recommender and the info in the beginning said that they do all that they can to help their customers. Well, they fall far short of the mark by using Lease Finance Group LLC.
    I will be writing to the Illinois Attorney General`s office tomorrow, then I`ll also check with the FTC, the BBB (a waste of time apparently), and by an attorney`s recommendation, the US Postal Service. The more the better. I cannot imagine how this company has been able to continue doing "business" when others online have said that they have filed complaints with various agencies and nothing seems to be stopping these crooks. My credit card machine new would sell for around $350 tops and I have paid Lease Finance Group at least $1,050 so far. However, they have me on a 4 year non-cancellable lease with a balance of around $2,100, for $3,150 for a $350 machine and I have never processed one transaction through them to date.
    I would like to hear from anyone who has written letters to any agency and some help on what I should be stating in my letters that I would like to get into the mail right away. I would be open to participating in a class action lawsuit, but realize this would be very difficult to pull off. But, at least we all can keep posting and sharing to do what we can to help the victims that need some guidance, and to make absolutely sure the word gets online about how these people cheat new business owners every day. They must be nearing thousands of complaints online by now.
    Please email me if you have some input for me, it would be highly appreciated and I will post what results or responses I get from the agencies once I have submitted my letters.
  • hugh009hugh009 subscriber Posts: 3
    As a former consumer investigative reporter for Post Newsweek TV that also blogs at Consumer Advocate Shock Jock known as the "Howard Stern of Consumerism" you have done moe than most people do, Tran.! 
    Yes, make sure and contact the governor`s office of consumer affairs also.
    Right now I`m working on a story about a company called Infusion Software that you may have seen promoted by Internet Marketing gurus like Rich Schefren, Matt Bacak, Tony Robbins, etc. They have this good looking slick promoter by the name of David Fagan go around to the Internet Marketing gurus workshops like Bacak`s Madness one and give slick "dog and pony" shows and then offer once in a lifetime specials just because they are at the workshop and friends of the marketer putting on the workshop.
    So I`m there in Atlanta attending the workshop listening to the presentation thinking that just might be a good program for one of my clients. You see I own a Web 2 Marketing consulting business called WOW!Presentation.  So I get the owner of the company on the phone with David and he tells him about Infusion Software. My client agrees it could work for us.
    I should have recognized the RED flag that has been mentioned in regards to this credit card processing scam. David had to have the contract signed right there before he left that afternoon. I had that little "gut level" sign that I should have followed. ALWAYS follow it!
    Any way I signed the contract for the owner and they took his credit info on the CONDITION he would have a TRIAL period to use the software of 57 days.  Not only did David say that before over 100 attendees he also repeated it to owner and myself on the phone call.
    So I get a call today from the owner very politely telling me that Infusion has decide there are CONDITIONS with this trial period that conveniently got left out by David. Sound familiar?
    Well since I was the lead reporter in the late 60s that helped to shutdown the original Ammco Transmission I`m not one to screw with! Also ask Bell South and IKEA where I had to do battle with both for one of my business partners.
    I plan to DESTROY their business and their reputations before this is over!  If they don`t rectify this situation where my client pays nothing to them they will wish that I had never been born!
    You see I use to do the TV news with Steve Croft of 60 Minutes too!
    So you fight those SOBS just like I plan to fight Infusion! Go to Internet Marketing forums like Young Entrepreneur where I mentor at. Go to the Warrior`s Forum where loads of Internet Marketers hang out.
    You would think that these companies would be SMARTER in these tough times but just be glad that you have not lost every thing you have dreamed and planned for like that SOB Madoff has done to those poor people that have lost EVERY thing they have!
    Hugh Simpson
  • hooglehoogle subscriber Posts: 0
    I also got taken by them and still owe around $2,100. However, I am not going to pay these crooks, but will file complaints with the Illinois Attorney General`s office, the California Attorney General`s office, the FTC, the US Postal Service (because they used the mail to communicate to me on some matters) and probably will pass on the BBB since they seem to be about as effective as the United Nations.
    I have found the credit card processing machine that I was charged $3,200 for online for sale for $149. Same machine, all the features, etc. So these people are preying on small business people, using credit damage as their strong arm and we all have to come together on this and ALL of us file complaints to the FTC, the AG office in Illinois and the state that you live in, and if you feel the urge, the BBB.
    It will only be by the voluminous numbers hitting these offices that it will get someone`s attention. Even some of the tv stations who do investigative reporting may want to hear about LFG.
    Write those letters now!
  • hooglehoogle subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Hugh,
    Yes, I was at a Dan Kennedy seminar and Infusion was there giving a presentation. I heard one person say that they had sold at least 20 people or businesses a package deal requiring around $5,000 down payment that same day while at the seminar and monthly payments. They mentioned a one time special discount price, but only if you signed up during that two hour time.
    If you can give any of us who have been taken by Lease Finance Group on how to get our leases cancelled, we all would appreciate the suggestions and would pass the word around.
    I got some help just reading your post about Infusion.
    Go Get `Em
  • hugh009hugh009 subscriber Posts: 3
    I would advise that you see if any where in that contract you signed there is any type of OUT clause. If you are a member of a service like PrePaid Legal get the attorney to look it over.
    Also why not also report your stories to my friend Clark Howard so that his legal beagles can find a solution too.
    By the way I just had a call from Infusion Software`s Director of Communications who is bending over backwards to stop my further investigation into the situation I ran into at Matt Bacak`s Madness workshop. She is promising a win/win solution by the end of the day.
    I have enclosed below a copy of the info that I sent to their office yesterday so that you can use this format to possibly get results from those leasing people at NPMG.
    This stupid soft ware installed on this site will not let me paste what I had planned to show you.
    If anyone wants a copy let me know at [email protected] Subject: Infusion
  • wesaysno2iconlfgwesaysno2iconlfg subscriber Posts: 0
    I am in Tennessee and have been contacted by the same Sean and Eric others have mentioned as previously with NPMG.  They are still "selling" their leases to Lease Finance Group, LLC in Chicago.  They are now operating under the name of Icon Payment Solutions.  However, the same "scam" is at work.  If a class action lawsuit is inforce, please let me know.  Yes, there is a signed contract, but it WAS obtained from us by Eric Gunter under very false pretenses.  We were told we were approved for a cash advance and that it would be deposited in our account within 5 business days.  It has been over 6 weeks, and this has not happen.  We have never opened our package from LFG, however our bank account has been debited a minimum transaction fee and the $83.00 lease fee (48 mos)  This too, is for a piece of equipment we have yet to even use, nor will.  It has been sent back to LFG.  I want these scam artists to PAY.  I am sick of being the one who is being taken.  I don`t want to just get even, I`m ready to get ahead at the bad guys expense for a change!!!!  Again, if there is a lawsuit in the works, and you need more business owners to confirm your stories and NPMP ie...ICon Payment Solutions` scams, please contact me. 
  • IdonailsIdonails subscriber Posts: 0
    I signed a lease with Lease Finance Group LLC and was very nervous about a credit card machine. The salesman who sold it to me said that if I was no longer in business or no longer needed it he would buy it back in one year. I asked for it on paper. It was emailed to me from their email address. I saved it and printed a copy. Needless to say I did not need it and the letter does not mean much even with HIS signature. I received a letter threatening me and telling me to pay $2,262.58 even though it has showed up on my credit report as $1,548 and a charge off. Has anyone been served papers for court or are they just pushing?
    Idonails12/29/2008 7:42 PM
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