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I live in Toronto, Canada. I recently joined this forum and have been very pleased with the amount of help people are willing to provide each other.
I plan to start a kiosk/rolling cart business selling kernels(corn). I would steam the corn kernels on the spot. I would sell those kernels in three portions (eg. $1.99,$2.99,$3.50). There will be several seasonings(10 different flavours in form of a powder, e.g. barbecue, salt & vinegar, salt) available to customer so they can customise their cup of kernels. My target locations would be Subway/Metro stations, playgrounds, concerts, and occasional events.
I am very skeptical before making any move because it is a new idea. Please tell me how good is this business idea?.Please help with your honest recommendations!
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    Strange idea that`s for sure. Is this a franchise? If so they should have sales figures available for you. If not ... I really don`t know what to say about the quality of the idea. Personally I wouldn`t buy seasoned, steamed corn [ on the cob?? ] from a street vendor.
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    It is not a franchise. It is my own personal idea. I dont have any figures for the financial statement. I just wanted to know how viable this business would be? As fas as the regulations are concercened I can get the proper certification done.
    And no, kernel are not popcorns!
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    A few years ago I was at a  Victoria Day community party in a Brampton Park, and a vendor had a , well, I guess it was a steam machine of some sorts, or possibly a roaster... it was large and on a cart anyhow. It looked like a little hut! They steamed (or somehow cooked) the corn on the cob,  with the husk still on, but the corn was pre-seasoned with pepper , salt and butter, if you wanted it that way. It tasted so good , and the line-up was huge. So, you could be on to something. Check out your competition in the Metro area!< ="text/">_popupControl();
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    I love the idea!  I think you should absolutely pursue it.  I agree - check out health codes, etc.  Important - but easily accomplished.  And these codes will vary by city.  Just build that due diligence into your plan - don`t let it scare you.
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    Any more opinions from members?
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