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stevensteven subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2007 in Marketing

And I have a question for you guys, I need some help. I opened up a cellular phone & accesories shop in town right off a busy road that has about 60,000 cars driving by a day.

I have been opened for close to a month, now buisness could be & should be better. I know its A new buisness & it takes time, but im ready to make it take off with some advertising because the location is very good & not to many other places are around me. The closest is about 7 miles away & its in a mall & im in a big strip mall next to a starbucks & other big name companies, but my question is because im not getting too much foot traffic and im about to start advertsing. Where do you think I should concetrate on with my ads & demographics wise? I was looking to doing ADVO a mailing flyier insert & radio adds on a couple of diffrent stations, and I am open to suggestions. Please, also what do you think if I joined my buisness into the chamber of commerce or better buisness burea? Which one is more effective?  Thank you!


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    InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Actually I have a different suggestion. It`s sort of common sense ... though it took me a hell of a long time to learn ... but you should take time to figure out if you even have a problem. If you do ... spend some time trying to figure out exactly what the problem is. Taking action without enough information is rarely helpful and can be harmful. EX: Practicing medicine revolves around being able to get a diagnosis. Without a diagnosis it`s very difficult to choose or apply any effective treatment. Similarly, you need a real diagnosis of the "problem" before you take action. I see at least one pretty big assumption in your post. Perhaps the location isn`t as good as you think? Maybe it is a great location but you don`t keep the area around the business properly shoveled? [That caused a local shop keeper to lose a lot of business ... her parking lot wasn`t completely shoveled, just partially, and it bothered people, made the shop look abandoned.]
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    AddassaMariAddassaMari subscriber Posts: 2
    Why did you open a celluar shop, was there a need for one?  How is your sinage?  If I was driving from any direction, would I know that your store was there? Is your business easily accessible? You did say about 60,000 cars pass by daily.  You may want to get in your car and try to get to your business at various times of the day.  What type of business was there before?  Does that area have a reputation?  Another thing, what does the property look like at night?  Until you get some basic answers, you could be wasting your money on advertising.
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