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One company doing business under TWO titles... what to do?

ultimate0ultimate0 subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2008 in Thought Leadership
My father has a business he has been operating for roughly 6-7 years now.  He started the business under one name (we`ll call it Company A) and shortly later, expanded it to other cities under a different name (Company B).  I won`t go into why a different name was used but long story short, it was for legal purposes.  At this time, the company should and wants to continue business under the first company title (Company A) and effectively discontinue the second title (Company B).  I feel it would be a smart move to consolidate the business into one name.  However, the business is more popularly known as Company B in the newer market.
How would you recommend creating awareness with current and potential future clients that the business will be now known only as Company A?  We don`t want to eliminate the business` good reputation, however, operating under one business name would be beneficial to strengthen the market brand.
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