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workingonanideaworkingonanidea subscriber Posts: 5
edited February 2015 in Building A Website That Works
Okay after researching my classifieds business idea, I`ve come to the conclusion that the market probably wouldn`t bear it.  Now I have an idea for a vacation rental website that lists available rentals.  I am getting stumped on coming up with a clever / unique web domain name.  It seems all the good ones are being used, but I`m not giving up.  The rentals are located on the oregon coast.  I was thinking of:  StayAtTheBeach.com, EnjoyTheBeach.com, and others.  Any ideas?  I know there are other vacation rental sites, but I have some unique ideas to make it better.


  • watergalwatergal subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    How about OregonBeachRentals.com? - Two search words are right in the domain name.
  • workingonanideaworkingonanidea subscriber Posts: 5
    It`s taken...  I think I`ve searched register.com about 100 times looking for the perfect domain name.  I want something just like OregonBeachRentals.com, but nearly all variations are taken and I don`t want to have an extra-long domain name.  Do you think the .com domain is important? or a descriptive name with .net, .biz, etc is fine as long as I have good search keywords?  I just have it in my head that I want a .com domain.
  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    There are quite a few domain search tools out there (all of the domain registrars have them), but one of my favorites is NameBoy (www.nameboy.com) - for some reason it`s running a bit slow today, but when it`s working it takes your search terms and provides a number of options, including synonyms/related names.I love watergal`s suggestion - looks like oregonbeachrentals.com is already taken though - how about:oregon-coast-rentals.com - it`s available!
  • theswaynestertheswaynester subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member
    If you don`t like the dashes, OREGONBEACHRENTALMASTER.COM is available.
  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    That`s not a bad one swaynester, but don`t fear the dash!  With the rapidly dwindling list of available .com addresses out there, dashes can open up a lot of possibilities for you - in many ways they`re easier to remember and type than an especially long, non-dashed URL.
  • tomasztomasz subscriber Posts: 14
    Have you tried buying a domain from someone else. Sometimes, it worth the few extra dollars if you really want a particular domain.You can also try a domain that is less focused on what you exactly do. Just look at Yahoo, Google, Amazon, or eBay. They could have chosen names that are more related to what they do. But they did not. Another example; Skype.com, you do see eBay (changing the Skype name into  THE INTERNET PHONE or something that is more phone related or sounds like a phone company name. Anyway, if you take a look at www.godaddy.com they have a specific section of their business that focuses on the reselling domains. Or, if you search you might actually stumble on a domain that is expiring soon and you might buy it for no overvalued amount.
    tomasz2006-4-11 15:51:16
  • workingonanideaworkingonanidea subscriber Posts: 5
    Hi Everyone,
    I think I`m going to go with the suggestion of a less-focused domain name.  I`m going to register SandDollarRetreats.com.  The more I see it, the more I like it.  This board is great.  Thanks for everyone`s input.  I`m curious...Any opinions on the .biz domain.  I don`t see it very often, but with the pickings being slim for .com and .net domains, it will probably get more popular.  Have a great day!
  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    regarding ".biz" domains, we always underscore the value of providing a ".com" whenever possible just because that`s the norm, that`s what people remember easiest, and ".biz" makes the company seem too new.
    having said that, ".biz" won`t kill you! it just doesn`t have the advantages of ".com"
    great work, everyone!
  • OfficeSpaceJeffOfficeSpaceJeff subscriber Posts: 0
    I own goldcoasthouses.com.
    If that works for you, I might consider selling it.  Please let me know - you can email me at Landers@offices2share.com</A> and we can discuss it privately.
    Thanks - Jeff.
  • workingonanideaworkingonanidea subscriber Posts: 5
    I`m so excited.  I just registered SandDollarRetreats.com and now it`s time to find a logo designer!  Thanks for the help!
  • RichardBuggyRichardBuggy subscriber Posts: 4
    StayAtOregonBeach.com is available
    The generic top level domain names were supposed to mean something.
    .com was for global commercial organizations
    .net was a network provider (your ISP)
    A number of new generic top level domains have been introduced in recent years because the .com domain has become so crowded. The .biz domain was introduced for businesses that had a legal claim to the name (i.e. company name). I`m not sure they even try to enforce that now.
    Give it another 5 years and no one will care if you`re .com, .biz  or one of  the other new domains (http://www.iana.org/gtld/gtld.htm</A>).
    Another option might be to use a .us domain (the country domain for the United States).
  • rocknroll333rocknroll333 subscriber Posts: 2
    One thing most people don`t realize is its easy to get a great domain name. Just think outside the square. For example 1800flowers.com used thier vanity number as their website name killing two birds with one stone. A killeer vanity number and easy to remember website name.
    You could do the same thing for your rental site call it www.1800beachrent.com</A> etc..
    Now that I have posted this, I am sure the SuN community is going to make a run on vanity URLs..lol
    One thing to note if you purchase a vanity URL, make sure you get the vanity phone number from At&T also. they are good at working with you to find a toll free vanity url for you that matches your business. I got the last phone number with "groove" in it...
  • muhkelmuhkel subscriber Posts: 0
    Try different prefixes/suffixes... like up-, pro-, -central, -hq etc. Is really irritating that most of the names you come up by brainstorming are usually taken. And not just taken, but reserved/for sale.
  • rachitgupta040rachitgupta040 subscriber Posts: 0
    You can check a website Go4Hosting, it will help you in a best possible way to choose domain name for your website. They are in this business from last 10+ years, for more check: http://www.go4hosting.net
  • iggyiggy subscriber Posts: 2
    I think you just have to get creative and find something that works; there are still great domains out there.
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