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I need help designing some marketing materials for my new company.  With funds being limited, to say the least, I want to go a cheap route.  I have seen that vista print offers memos, stamps, magnets, cards, etc. where you can load in your own graphics.
Has anybody used this and had success? 
Also, I am also thinking about creating some shirts, etc.  What is the cheapest place to go for this?
Thanks in advance.


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    Thanks for the response.  I will try cafepress to see what they have.  The challenge for me is getting graphics into a format that they can use.  I guess I am somewhat technically challenged.  I will give it a shot.
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    Hi Jack,
    The first product is a hair gel for men.  It is all in the packaging/labeling, so appearance is very important.
    I appreciate you offering to steer me in the right direction.  E-mail me and I will go over the specifics.
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    Hi Joann and Jack,
    Thank you for the response.  Your ideas are definitely good ones which I will be looking to implement. 
    I definitely put the efforts on the product labeling, but had some doubts about placing in shirts, etc. as I thought that it may be too gimmicky. 
    Thanks again,
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    Hey Ryan.
    Email me i have suggestions for you.   I actually helped launch a friends bath and body line. and he used a couple of items that not only did he give away as promo items he sold them right beside the product, or packaged with it.
    [email protected]
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