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Lost in seattle, good idea, not sure how to proceed.

AlanInSeattleAlanInSeattle subscriber Posts: 1
A friend of mine has what sounds like a good idea. I`m helping him, for a share of the business, with a website and other computer stuff. I`ve always been a 9 - 5er and my friend too.
Our service is to calculate the correct tire air pressure for cars and trucks. It turns out that tire makers suggest a standard air pressure that is actually not too relevant based on actual conditions, such as load and tread width for cars and for trucks, it also matters how the matching dual tire compares in diameter. Just think how much more a car can weigh in the front, where the engine is vs. where the trunk is. And big rigs are always carrying different loads. Tire makers suggest around 110 psi for big rigs, but, the correct pressure could actually be more like 70 psi.
My friend has been working on the formula that calculates the correct pressure based on all these factors and has been using results in his personal cars for over 20 years. Recent results show that the tires lasted almost 3 times longer than expected.
While this is great for autos, just think about all the 18 wheel trucks out there. Not only will this save money, but, just think, a big rig truck tire uses about 20 gallons of oil to make and what happens to dead tires, the ones that stay intact (yes, this helps prevents road alligators too).
My problem is how to get this off the ground, an online service to provide the correct air pressure every time a truck changes loads. We`ve talked with a few truck companies to offer the service for free on a trial period, but, no takers, so, not sure this is the right approach.
Thanks for looking and your advice, or, maybe someone is interested in helping us go big.


  • terrycanterrycan subscriber Posts: 1
    Dear Alan,
    This sounds like a wonderful invention.
    I have an idea about how to capitalize this idea.
    Create a truckers calculator that uses the formula.
    A hand held device that the driver can use quickly and easily.
    Would it be possible for you to call be about this?
    I live in the Seattle area.
    Terry Cantwell
     terrycan4/6/2009 1:43 PM
  • AlanInSeattleAlanInSeattle subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Terry,
    Thanks for the idea, but, our big issue currently is getting a few trucking companies to try out our pressures so we can get more empirical data. We done a few tests which have returned good results, but, need more data. It`s just been tough getting companies to try it out, even though they could double the life of their tires and the trial period will be free.
    Our long term goal is to sell the correct pressure as a service, which would be a very small fee when a truck changes loads. The correct pressures are very dependent on the load and some other factors.
    My partner already has a patent, along with others, on part of the formula and is working with a patent attorney to determine if additional patents would be necessary.
    thanks again,
  • terrycanterrycan subscriber Posts: 1
    Dear Alan,
    Can a mathematical formula be patented? Your code my be a trade secret like the formula for Coca Cola. I`m not a lawyer.
    Perhaps another approach could be offer your service online for free.
    Make it Blackberry friendly.
    With enough traffic you would produce revenue with ads from google adsense.
    This would generate a continuous stream of income for you.
    Tooling up to produce a calculator will only provide a narrow profit from one sale.
    An online service would cost less and make more money for you.
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